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So simple!
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Lumberjacks! Granolavores! Low-flow toilet owners! Tired of logjams? Dissatisfied with impractical schemes involving whirling blades / in line toilet disposals? Does your doodoo need a break? BUNGCO feels your pain!

Introducing the Poopgarrotte. This simple metal circle fits under the seat and over the water, and contains tight, sharp wires strung horizontally (may also be turned to orient wires vertically). Offal falls across the wires and is cut down to size before proceeding on into the bowl. The Poopgarrotte is guaranteed sharp for 1 full year, regardless of your roughage. Buy three and get one free - take it to work and avoid snide comments by coworkers who share that single lavoratory. The Poopgarrotte is dishwasher safe!

bungston, Apr 17 2006

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       Dishwasher safe? You bastard.
methinksnot, Apr 17 2006

       Offal is entrails. I hope I am not pooping those out! Is this for Gitmo?
Galbinus_Caeli, Apr 18 2006

       I think this could be really useful, but just thinking about it makes me feel sick.
Mr Phase, Apr 18 2006

       Like poop through the garrotte,   

       So are the Days of Our Lives...
ConsulFlaminicus, Apr 18 2006

       With eight grandkids we have specified that our new bathrooms will have toilets that can flush several handfuls of golf balls and action figures without choking.
Galbinus_Caeli, Apr 18 2006

       never mind the toys, what about the possibility of autocircumcision? Priorities, people... priorities.
ConsulFlaminicus, Apr 18 2006

       What if ... *uncontrollable laughter*
Letsbuildafort, Apr 18 2006

       I rarely put my dishwasher in the toilet bowl. Just that one time. And she did complain so.   

       I'm more concerned whether the Poopgarotte is scrotum safe.
BunsenHoneydew, Jul 28 2006

       Sadly, I knew who the author of the idea was when I saw the title.
normzone, Jul 28 2006

       Dishwasher safe. I sit here and laugh. bun for that.
Zimmy, Jul 28 2006


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