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Multiple Flush Sound Effects

From Trickle to Flood
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Not many people find their toilet's flush perfect. Furthermore, different people in the same house have different tastes. Therefore, just build in a little sound-cancellation device (or insulation) in the toilet to mask the actual flush, and put in a little device with the flush sounds from various toilets, from the cute little friendly ones to a huge, industrial-strength water gusher.

Now, when Missy wants to flush, she presses her button, and her favorite sound plays while it flushes (the button also flushes the real toilet); and when Big Daddy's done, the appropriate flush plays so everyone knows.

For those who want something 'different', chewing and swallowing sound effects (burping optional), 'tapeworm screaming', and 'Mm-mm, what's cooking?'.

galukalock, May 08 2003


       Do you just have too much time on your hands, or do you actually consider this an idea?   

       (spends a moment looking through the other ideas posted today) Nevermind, it's as good as most.
Worldgineer, May 08 2003

       And when big brother flushes it, he hears little sister's scream as she goes down the tube.   

       Just make sure you can't program it to play N*Sync. (ha ha)
smileydudette, May 08 2003

       I want some chewing and swallowing sounds every time I flush.
oatcake, May 08 2003

       Well, that shouldn't be too hard.
galukalock, May 08 2003

       Hows about random humerous sound effects?   

       "Dive Dive Dive"   

       "Captain, the engines cannae tek it!"   

       Ride of the Valkyres   

       and so on...
Loris, Jul 28 2006

       I think I'd settle for a nice, happy klaxon.
shapu, Jul 28 2006

       Adding a strain gauge to the toilet seat would allow weight appropriate sounds to be played. Or maybe a timer to help guess production vs time served.
popbottle, May 07 2013


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