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Remnant Remover

Never leave a remnant again
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Ever go into a public bathroom (or even a friend's) and instantly become repulsed by the stench of that little bit that didn't get flushed by the last user, the bit that sticks to the bottom and remains long after the toilet stopped flushing?

Well, this invention will prevent that. Basically, it consists of two things:

1) a sonar sensor in the rim of the toilet bowl that detects anything left that is not made of the same material as the toilet itself.

2) a separate tank (the size of the handsoap dispensers) filled with toilet bowl cleaner.

If the sensor detects any FOD (foreign Object Debris) remaining after the initial flush, it tells the dispenser to release a liberal amount of cleaner, let it sit for 2 minutes, then flushes a second time.This procedure is repeated until FOD is no longer detected.

It'll only be a matter of time before bathrooms nation-wide are cleaner and better smelling.

21 Quest, Jan 26 2006


       I gotta say, I expected this to either set a record for most fishbones in a 5-minute period, or most croissants. This complete lack of response is baffling.
21 Quest, Jan 27 2006

       Maybe it's a boring idea.

       If you really care about that kind of thing, how about spraying the toilet bowl with teflon before you sit down?
DrCurry, Jan 27 2006

       Toilet bowl laminate to help it all 'slip down'
yamahito, Jan 27 2006

       Because that would require everyone doing it, which would be a lets all. The idea is keep the remnants removed so nobody *has* to spray it. If you have to spray it, then it was already there, and so was the stench. This is a preventive measure.

       Isn't the stench and nasty appearance of sh*t leftover what makes public bathrooms so disgusting?
21 Quest, Jan 27 2006

       //what makes public bathrooms so disgusting?//

       I find it's more to do with the wild and florid sexual adventures detailed in explicit prose on the cubicle walls, coupled with the thought of coming face to amorphous tendril with a particularly unpleasant colony of bacteria that for years, has been living on the ichorous bodily secretions of various diseased, needle brandishing, shambling perverts.

       Or, it could be floaters.
zen_tom, Jan 27 2006

       If you shit in the bathroom, what do you call the room where you bathe?
coprocephalous, Jan 27 2006

       (Or for the US-types) What about the room where you rest?
zen_tom, Jan 27 2006

       I'm going to the rest room for a comfort break, I need a crap.
Minimal, Jan 27 2006


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