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Pope Rocks

Carbonated communion wafers
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Pope Rocks -- the carbonated communion wafer. A simple repackaging of pop rocks in Necco wafer form, sold to churches when a new pope is about to be chosen.

Each wafer features an image of a leading pope candidate, with colors representing the candidate's monastic order, if any. The candidate's image is on one side of the wafer, and their name or a fun fact about them is on the other.

Kids will flock to become choirboys just for the chance to collect and trade wafers. And church goers will find renewed faith in the physical sensation of transubstantiation.

yppiz, May 03 2005

(?) Jeez-It Jeez-It
flavored communion wafers [yppiz, May 03 2005, last modified May 04 2005]


       Very nice. Goes well with the Jeez-It wafers.
bristolz, May 03 2005

       New reason for Catholics to attend church besides Christmas and Easter.
mensmaximus, May 03 2005


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