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A church the size of the Providence Place Mall, with an LED TV screen.
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I have had dreams about a large church. It was in a City and was huge. There was a balcony where you could see the clergy better. In one section, free yarmulkes were given out. The organ will play SID 6581, YM-2612, MOD, NSF, and CD, and MP3 as well as sounding like a real organ. There will be a LED TV screen behind the clergy as well as indicator LED's on the pew to tell you when to stand up and such.
Amishman35, Feb 15 2001

Crystal Cathedral... http://www.holiday-anaheim.com/cc.html
What they do for fun in Anaheim. Er, Garden Grove? [rmutt, Feb 15 2001]

.. and its truly awesome sound system... http://www.aarvak.c...es/crystalcath.html
[rmutt, Feb 15 2001]

..not to mention the organ... http://www.rodgerso...stal_cathedral.html
[rmutt, Feb 15 2001]


       I'm not familiar with the Providence Place Mall, but the indicator LED is a pretty neat idea.
PotatoStew, Feb 15 2001

       Like we need another freakin' church.... then again, I propose that we make one big church in each general geographical region and bulldoze the rest of them for something useful like corn fields, sheep pastures, and apple orchards. (I know this is going to upset some people....but churches make about as much sense as golf courses, shopping malls, and cementaries....all that good farm land underneath going to waste)
Susen, Feb 16 2001

       Susen, I was under the impression (no links or references, just things I've heard) that food production (and hence the need for more farm land) is not the problem, but instead distribution of the food is the problem. Therefore, putting farms on the land would be the wasteful thing to do. Instead, highways to transport the food should be built on the land, and institutions that can manage the distribution of food to poor folks. Coincidentally, I've noticed that many churches have things like food drives where food is donated to the poor...
PotatoStew, Feb 16 2001

       ......yawn...... I think it's an even split as to where most people spend their Sundays...either in church, at the golf course, or at the local mall. It would seem to me that if you need a God and he created nature, then you could more easily commune in an apple orchard or sheep pasture. Want a church that impresses me? Bulldoze the building and have the members plant a garden, meet there every Sunday to weed the garden, and then give all the food away to the needy. If they insist on having a sermon preached while weeding fine...they can even sing songs if they want to. It's not actually anything personal against churches and the likes....I'm also morally opposed to housing developments and trailer parks. Year after year I watch land that produces more bushels of corn or soybean per acre than anywhere in the world get chopped up, subdivided, bulldozed, "landscaped", and built upon. It breaks my heart. Two years ago, over 300 acres of the best nursery (nationally known) in my old state of Pennsylvannia, not far from my first horse farm, became a fenced in, cemented, juvenile prison. Progress? HA!
Susen, Feb 17 2001

       Actually, Susen, I feel the same as you do in that matter... I'm very frightened at the amount of building and development that's going on. It's gotten very noticeable lately around where I live. I imagine that it's just as bad, or worse in other places.
PotatoStew, Feb 17 2001


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