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Popeye The Opera

A way to get kids involved in opera.
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I would like to direct Popeye The Opera.

Our opera would begin in Sweet Haven where Olive Oyl (played by Angelina Jolie) laments in her ultra-soprano voice how much she is pining for her Popeye who is away in Afghanistan fighting a war. (tears out kerchief and bawls her eyes out to violin sonata).

Popeye would appear in Act Two looking stoic and brave whilst fighting off the enemy. (his part played by "the Rock".)

Bruto would be played by any number of real life Italian opera singers who are burly and have bass voices. He would be the lead villain who keeps Popeye engaged in dangerous war games.

J. Wellington Wimpy could be played by Bruce Willis or George Clooney. (fattened up of coarse). He would be Olive's sweet distraction while Popeye's away.

And some yet to be named precocious child star could play Swee 'Pea.

In the end they all die a tragic yet martyred death in hopes of saving their country from evil cave dwelling rebels.(played by evil cave dwelling rebels I guess).

Their bodies bloody broken and beaten lie draped over the Sweet Haven Flag. Lifelessly. To the sound of a U2 song played very s_l_o_w_.

Curtain and standing ovations ensue. Bravo bravo...etc. Children walk out of the theater sad but forever changed for the better. Loving opera.

blissmiss, Apr 18 2009

Popeye the Film Musical http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0081353/
for reference [csea, Apr 18 2009]

(??) A random pic of Popeye http://media.photob...ket/popeye.gif?o=20
[blissmiss, Apr 19 2009]

PopeyeTheMusical.com http://popeyethemusical.com/Welcome.html
With song demos. [Amos Kito, Apr 19 2009]


       Perhaps you could option the screenplay / music from the '80s film [link]. +
csea, Apr 18 2009

       A spinach-enriched idea.[+]
Aristotle, Apr 18 2009

       ummm...You know, I don't recall seeing a single fat lady in a popeye cartoon. This could be a problem.   

       My casting choice for Bluto - BRIAN BLESSED (uppercase intentional). Have a spinach croissant.
English Bob, Apr 20 2009

       [wonders what devious plot device would be utilised to place a sailor in Afghanistan] "Popeye - The Singing Navy SEAL Years"

Bone, sorry - never liked Popeye, even when played by Robin Williams.
coprocephalous, Apr 20 2009

       Ya better watch 'er words there or shiver me timbers you'll be getting a can o' spinach against the back of your hard old head while yer walking outta the halfbakery door today smart ass...(Olive murmured with an evil sneer).
blissmiss, Apr 20 2009

       + Oh yes! ...and maybe if I can lose about 40 lbs, can I try out for the Olive Oyl part? please?
xandram, Apr 20 2009

       Only if ya knock off Angelina. She's the big draw. Sooooo Sorry.
blissmiss, Apr 20 2009


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