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Opera Subtitle Glasses

When the fat lady sings, know what she's saying.
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This idea is related to the subtitles at operas, but not exactly the same. Given that some of the patrons of the opera would like to see the opera in it's full glory without the annoyance of subtitles, and given that there is a contigent that would like to understand the story that those buffoons on stage are talking about, I propose a vision coordinated glasses system. This system would have some sort of display built into glasses.

Below the stage there would be visually distinctive (to computers) but non-annoying markers, which would be a cue for the glasses as to where to put subtitles in the viewing area of the wearer.

This system could be accomplished with a small camera on the device (pinhole should be enough) and some sort of display mechanism - possibly not even glasses, but so that the subtitles could be projected.

Given the nature of subtitles being not too complex to render, it would not require a high definition display by any means.

Viola! Purists can watch their opera in <insert foreign language here> without having to ignore annoying subtitles, and us dumb people can actually grasp the plot.

jamuraa, Nov 22 2004

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       + Wonderful. I disagree with the point though. My guess is that there are few purists who are annoyed by subtitles. However, I'd like to still be able to read the subtitles while looking into my opera glasses. I often have to either only look into my glasses briefly or miss a few lines.
Worldgineer, Nov 22 2004

       sp: voila   

       I like this because I probably would not take the time to read the story in advance.
dentworth, Nov 22 2004

       there are usually surtitles at the opera... above the stage not below it. could be different where you are.
etherman, Nov 22 2004

       + One suggestion though. It sounds like you're trying to make the virtual subtitles appear stationary in relation to the stage. I think it would be cheaper to just make the subtitles appear at the bottom of the viewable area in the glasses (no pinhole camera or non-annoying markers needed). I think that might be a better experience as well, since you could be zoomed in on one or two performers and still have the subtitles in view.   

       Unless of course the subtitles that appear to move around as you move the glasses make you sea sick.
scad mientist, Nov 22 2004


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