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Porn Search by Proxy

Pay a pittance to find (specialized) naughty photos
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The internet is a glorious thing. Just about every kink and degeneracy dreamable is catered to -- big noses, butterfly porn, nazi uniforms -- sundry and sick and endlessly varied. So WHY can't I find mine?! I'm no pervert; I'm just a butch queer ("tribade", "lemon", "congenital invert", or whatever you like) who has a thing for other butches. But of all the naked women in the world, at least two-thirds of which must be on the internet, every one save a handful is painted, fluffy-headed, and full of that bland vacancy only het girls can muster (sorry, het girls). I've tried Adultcheck, usenet, archie, gopher, PortalOfEvil -- but they just don't turn up. So.... I'd pay anyone with more efficacious porn-searching fingers than mine to find a cache of big bad naked butches. And this idea seems to have promise for any other odd tastes; why not set up an agency? You pay a little hairy-palmed genius to find you links and samples and paysites and FTP -- everything the world offers, plus expenses. You get your porn; he makes a living.
Cnidarae, Jan 26 2001

Someone who shares your feelings http://virtualvoyag.../client14/baby7.htm
You're not the only "butch" who like's other "Butchs" [mwburden, Jan 26 2001]

Butch porn http://www.babalon.com/lesbian/enter.html
WARNING: Adult content ahead! Do *NOT* follow this link if you are under 21 or are offended by stuff like this! (AdultCheck ID required to get past the first picture) [mwburden, Jan 26 2001]

Not porn http://www.butchfemmeworld.com/home.html
But they do have photo pages separated into "Butch" and "Femme" sections [mwburden, Jan 26 2001]

Porn on Demand http://www.halfbake.../Porn_20on_20Demand
Similar idea [Uncle Nutsy, Jan 26 2001]


       Try the AltaVista search:   

       +butch +lesbian nude naked womyn grrl grrrl dyke   

       But be prepared to spend some time wading through the results. You may also want to think about signing up with one of the pay services (like AdultCheck or NetVerifier). They usually have a search that will let you search for keywords in sites that participate in their AVS.
mwburden, Jan 26 2001

       Interesting point - It's more likely that everyone has sexual tastes just as specialised as you rather than the majority of people having tastes defined by mainstream pornography with a few 'outliers' (yourself included) in need of specialised material. Under this hypothesis the 'Playboy centrefold' is not the ideal choice of many, but the lowest-common-denominator which appeals to many and everyone would be better served by something specialised as chosen by an agency such as you suggest.
So long as they know what they want, that is.
hippo, Jan 26 2001

       Sexual tastes are a byproduct of the survival of those who have them, not the other way around. I think ours are in an equilibrium between (A) making sure smart, young, stable, aggressive, fertile people get laid a lot, and (B) keeping up a diversity that stabilizes the group and allows for development. If we all had exactly the same tastes, we'd die out much faster than if we all had slightly different ones.
ping, Jan 30 2001

       y'know, for some reason this all reminded me of that old joke...   

       "On the day of his retirement, Grossman, a manufacturer, decided to celebrate in style. He called in his messenger and said, "I want you to get me an ounce of the best marijuana, a gram of cocaine, and three call girls: a blonde, a tall black woman, and an Oriental virgin in a red dress with black boots." Three hours later the messenger returned. "Mr. Grossman," he said, "I have the marijuana and the cocaine. I found a blonde, and I found a black woman, but I haven't been able to find an Oriental virgin in a red dress with black boots." "I see," said Grossman. "Look, in that case, just cancel the order and get me a prune Danish and a coffee, all right?"
Cnidarae, Feb 01 2001

       If you're willing to buy your porn on the newstand, _On Our Backs_ generally has about 50% butch girls.
clynne, Apr 19 2001

       .. It's how PI's and their sociologist partners get their kicks; only, you're the proxy ..   

       Mark your own territory; fess up and avoid the blackmail snafu.
Macdaddyx1, Feb 16 2008

       eeewwwwwww! You seriously want to turn that function over to a hairy-palmed geek, for pay?? (-) sorry
afinehowdoyoudo, Feb 18 2008

       Welcome to the masculine drive for promiscuity. That feeling of never finding exacly what you want in porn and constantly searching for somthing you can't quite put your finger on is classic. If you haven't found it yet, get used to it, you probubly never will. Enjoy the search!
WcW, Feb 18 2008

       Amusing -   

       This idea and three annos, and [Cnidarae Robrovich KNIGHT] was gone.
normzone, Feb 18 2008


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