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ssh client text console with GUI filesystem

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There is Putty and there is WinSCP

what if you can combine both?

On the left side, is the console, on the right hand side is the 'filesystem' view.

You can type random stuff on the left, or navigate the file system on the right.

Instead of having to type long commands to get to a particular directory, you only have to click on a set of folders to reach a spot.

The corresponding command like "cd /bla/bla/bla" will be auto entered.

Hell, if you can do that, you might as well also allow for drag drop uploading.

mofosyne, Feb 01 2012


       [+] ... not for the idea which I don't really understand, but for giving me the idea of a DOS log for windows-explorer operations. Carry on.
FlyingToaster, Feb 01 2012

       Have you looked at ExpanDrive? It lets you mount SFTP connections as if they were local drives. Not /quite/ what you're suggesting here, but it would help generalize the problem a bit, to just having a local console integrated into the GUI.   

       Although, that being said, I pretty much do exactly this already on the Mac, by way of some custom AppleScript. Clicking a button on the toolbar opens a new Terminal window in the folder's location, and from the terminal you can just type "open ." to open a Finder window to the current directory. You can also drag a file or folder onto a terminal window to automatically type its path. So I hesitate to say this is baked per se, but it's certainly quite doable (at least on the Mac—I can't speak as to any toy operating systems that might run something called "WinSCP").
ytk, Feb 01 2012

       Hi [Akimbomidget], mostly what [ytk] said - but additionally, if you run a putty session alongside a graphical sftp session (Filezilla for example) you can browse the directory tree in your gsftp, then type cd in your putty session and copy/paste the textual directory "address" from gsftp into the remainder of the command.   

       I'm not sure I want my current working directory to change everytime I go searching around for a file - so there ought to be a clear modal difference between "searching" (which doesn't change the directory) and "moving" (which does).It might be tricky to make that modality obvious.
zen_tom, Feb 01 2012

       I seem to remember being delighted by the "Open terminal" context-menu option in the Gnome Nautilus file manager working not only for local filesystems but also magically giving you a bash prompt on remote systems mounted using sshfs (and maybe even sftp).   

       So, baked in Linux.
idris83, Feb 01 2012

       idris83, Feb 01 2012   

       Thats pretty awesome... I wonder if WinSCP or Putty coders could try to do that... Can anybody poke them to do it? like the "Open terminal" option in Gnome Nautilus file manager?
mofosyne, Feb 02 2012


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