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Pornography-Enhanced Second-Hand Computers

A way to increase the resale value of second-hand computers
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What with all these dot-bombs flaming out these days, second-hand computers often need to be dispensed with for quick cash. Unfortunately for those who wish to sell such equipment, it’s already depreciated to near worthlessness.

Here’s a simple way to add value to these computers:

Use your high-speed connection to download pornography, and lots of it, to the hard drive of each machine you want to get rid of (or download to a networked file server and distribute appropriately). These value-added machines should then bring in much more at auction then competing, non-pornography filled ones.

snarfyguy, Jun 25 2001

The broken laptop someone sold on eBay http://amirtofangsazan.blogspot.com/
Remember to wipe that porn off your laptop before you sell it on eBay [hippo, Jun 17 2006]


       Instead of "Intel Inside" you could have "Porno Inside" stickers.
mrkillboy, Jun 27 2001

       British beef curtains, and pork swords, obviously.
TypographicErrot, Jul 20 2001

       Do-able with 2ndHand digital cameras, too.
Jim, Jul 21 2001

kai_g, Nov 16 2001

       I like that this idea has resurfaced - I still reckon this is not only a good idea, but commercially viable. You would just have to deal with the embarrassment factor - perhaps sell random "value added" HD content (which more often than not contains porn) rather than specifically X-rated hardware?
mcscotland, May 12 2002

       I bought one of these second-hand when the Help The Aged charity shop closed down. I paid good money for a PC stacked with porn, but was very disappointed to find all the birds were over 80 yeard old - it was disgusting I can tell you. If they're gonna sell these things they should have a rating system like for films - 18+, 80+ etc.   

       My fault, I should have seen it coming, in more ways than one.
DikslexicDaev, Jul 15 2002

       A few years back, there was a problem with the off brand cartoon tapes seen commonly in the checkout lanes of Meijer's, Kroger's, etc..   

       The cartoons were recorded on old unsold porn movies, and many times the cartoon was much shorter than the movie it was recorded over.. Value added content, indeed!
Mr Burns, Jul 15 2002

       Sort of baked. :-) I bought a 20 GB hard drive on ebay and it came pre-packed with 16 GB of porn. That is 35 hours worth! It was certainly not advertised as such, however. Probably to their loss.
omegatron, May 27 2004

       I'd buy it! the significant other might have issues though...
Jawzx, May 02 2005

       Why only second hand computers? This could be applied to any used appliance.   

       For sale: Black & Decker espresso maker. Comes boxed and well padded for shipping with old porno magazines including: Nasty Nurses, Dirty Dogcatchers, Filthy Philatelist and something titled "Goop Scoopers" (in un-read condition).
doctorremulac3, May 02 2005

       Educational link added.
hippo, Jun 17 2006

       Um. If you buy a second hand computer, wouldn't the FIRST thing you do is low level format the drives?   

       And probably boil the keyboard in bleach for good measure.
Galbinus_Caeli, Jun 18 2006


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