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Pornography Tycoon

I'll try to be as least vulgar as possible...
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Similar to Hollywood Mogul in concept, Pornography Tycoon places you as the head of a fledgling pornographic film company. Your job is to bring it back to the dizzying heights it achieved during the golden age of porn. Hopefully a real version will be more tongue in cheek.

The company is mainly centered around the video division, though you can use other sub-forms such as internet streaming or interactive DVD porn (but these have added costs). You can also specialise in either hardcore, softcore (i.e. Cinemax) or both, but they have their respective disadvantages.

Like Hollywood Mogul, you create your project from source material featuring plot, location, genre and list of sex activities. You can also create compilation projects from stuff in the archives. Also independant projects can be brought and released by your company.

Finding those to participate in this is a large talent base of pornographic talent and associated crew, though some of these may be temporaily locked out due to contracts with other studios. Your talent scouts can also notify you of any rising amateur talent.

Performer talent are graded on attributes such as their sex appeal, performance and "acting abilty". Also noted are physical attributes such as hair and skin color and bust/penis size (you can pay them to get boob jobs/penile extensions).

But more important is their "sexual arsenal" table, which indicates they're sexual preference and determines which sex acts they are good at, which they are crap and those they wouldn't touch with a 10 foot dildo. For example if a performer prefers "couples" type porn, they would probably turn down "Car Park Gangbang 10".

Crew are attributed on items such as artistic tendencies, speed of production etc.

The actual "artistic quality" of your project essentially depends on how much money that goes into it. If you want a high class porn with a decent plot you'll have put money in screenwriting and set decoration. Name pornstars of course get top dollar. Softcore T&A movies costs much more by the fact that they have to masquerade as legitimate cinema. But obviously you can just release a no budget screwfest set in a friend's bedroom.

Success depends on several factors, such as evidence of big name and popular pornstars and if the movie is actually a good watch. Also genre plays a part as a straightforward sex tale will be more successful than something like "Taste the Golden Spray".

mrkillboy, Jun 26 2001

Boogie Nights http://us.imdb.com/Title?0118749
Despite earning much more in revenue in contemporary times, apparently the "Golden Age of Porn" was the period when pornography was still being shown in theatres, after "Deep Throat" but before Traci Lords and video cassettes. [mrkillboy, Jun 26 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

First Wave http://www.scifi.com/firstwave/
Traci Lords. MMI [reensure, Jun 26 2001]

Lula - the Sexy Empire http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lula_games
"The game begins with a homeless protagonist with an unusually large penis." [jutta, Dec 23 2008]


       I don't know what's sadder: that I think this could be an interesting game, or that the version I imagine is text-only...
bookworm, Jun 26 2001

       I'm sorry, but in what way is this only half-baked? Put it out as a card game and you avoid the expense of programming as well.
djymm, Jun 26 2001

       When was the golden age of porn? Did I miss it?
Gordon Comstock, Jun 26 2001

       'Every medium of communication from cave painting to the Internet has been used to convey first intellectual or spiritual content, then pornography, then everything else.' (Stephen William Rimmer)
angel, Jun 26 2001

       In Europe, there was a really crappy Game called "Wet - the Sexy Empire" in which you first had to sell porno photos of your girlfriend, then move on to videos, until you became a Smut Tycoon with an own satelite network. Unfortunately, the game became rather boring after a while.
Saruman, Aug 17 2002

       How can you determine whether the film was a good watch besides the budget allocations?
Voice, Dec 24 2008

       Somehow, I'm seeing this as old-school oregon trail style... with a single crappy picture of people pumping away, and text boxes popping up like mad, saying things like "Suzi has Chlamydia.."
ye_river_xiv, Dec 24 2008


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