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Quake 3 porn

make love not war
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Use the Q3A engine or similar to create virtual pornography. This makes porn interactive (yes I know that this is kind of baked in the form of live sex on the internet but this is a lot more flexible and waaaaay cheaper). The action could be choreographed in advance or on the fly with automatic capture and playback features.

As well as being able to download texture maps ("skins", if you will) of famous porn stars, you can also use fictional characters (Lara Croft, say) or exaggerate certain "features" of existing people.

I'm astounded that no one has already baked this one (yet if they had, you can bet it would have been reported right across the mainstream media by now). On the face of it, it seems technically straightforward to do and a guaranteed money spinner. It could also potentially kill of the entire non-virtual porn industry at a stroke, as it were.

gravelpit, May 19 2001

(??) not even close to baked http://207.137.160....nload/doomlike.html
Your link doesn't work but I found this one. I'm downloading it as I type this but Rodger Ramrod just looks like a Doom clone with adult textures - possibly fun but not the real deal. [gravelpit, May 19 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Planet Quake http://www.planetquake.com
This should clue you in with all you need to know about modelling and the potential for doing a Quake 3 Porn. [Aristotle, May 19 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Some Tastey Bird http://www.planetqu...lotw/01-03-06.shtml
An example of a good Quake 3 model. [Aristotle, May 19 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Moove http://www.moove.com
A place for social intercourse. Includes the changing of camera angle, selection of avatars and user programing of special actions and positions. [Aristotle, May 19 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

(?) Open Source Movie Project http://www.halfbake...e_20Movie_20Project
I discussed Quake movie communities in this idea. [Aristotle, May 19 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Sociolotron http://www.sociolotron.com/
Adult multiplayer online role-playing. (Warning, side uses sound effects.) [jutta, Jan 30 2005]


       I believe that there is an adult VRML chat program that lets you have virtual sex using your onscreen avatar.
mrkillboy, May 20 2001

       ...and kill people in real life. Hmm...maybe not. I'll continue using the Quake engine (or the UT engine) for virtual bloodshed and have sex in real life and with a real person.
sirrobin, May 20 2001

       This does exist. Quake 3 has an extensive modelling community that creates all kind of models, some including some very ample female ones. People have been known to produce pronographic skins for those models, if those were not the original skins. Note that reputable sites ban pornographics skins.
Aristotle, May 20 2001

       So it's the reputable ones that encourage censorship and discourage creativity and freedom of expression. I'd hate to see what the disreputable ones do...
sirrobin, May 20 2001

       I think the reason pornographic skins are banned is because they are generally both tasteless and badly done. A hormonal kid is more likely to produce a porn skin for someone else's model while other people will go for Judge Dredd models, manga models and generally push the boundaries for what models can do. One of my favourites from the ones I've seen is a mad, evil scientist in a wheel chair ...
Aristotle, May 21 2001

       Everyone seems to be missing the point here. I'm not talking about pornographic skins for Quake. That would just be a first person shooter where people kill each other in the buff. My idea is to use the Quake engine (or UT or whatever) to create an interactive version of an XXX video. There would be no violence involved, no guns, no health counter and probably no running or jumping either. The "levels" would consist of just a single room with some furniture, with between 1 and 5 characters and they would all have sex with themselves/each other according to commands issued by the user. Camera angles, zoom etc could all be adjusted too, although there would probaly be an AI director, for people who needed their hands free...   

       The *only* thing this would have in common with Quake would be the graphics engine.
gravelpit, May 21 2001

       There probably *would* be jumping ;-)
angel, May 21 2001

       It sounds like you could either mean a onlines social forum where people could get to know each other (see the Moove link as you can usthis to shake hands, dance, etc with other people's avatars) or using the Quake 3 engine to shoot movies using prographic models and animations. Is this getting closer?
Aristotle, May 21 2001

       You're getting warmer, Aristotle but really, I don't why this concept has been so hard for everyone to grasp. This isn't about meeting people or having conversations or anything it's just about porn.   

       When you watch a porn movie (I gather that) you are limited to the action that was originally scripted. Each time you watch it, it's always the same. DVD is a little better (so I've heard) with the possibility of multiple angles but you are still restricted to the footage that was shot.   

       With my system, the movie is created on-the fly using VR actors that perform to your directions. Result, everyone gets the porn experience that is right for them and it never goes stale because you can change it whenever you get bored.   

       It isn't interactive in the sense that you can talk to the characters, just in the sense that you control the action.
gravelpit, May 21 2001

       OK, in that case it is just about possible. Cylindrical body scanning technques exists that allow you to scan someone in a hi-res format. This is often done nude as it is easier to add clothes than remove them. You just need to animate these scans, deal with skin and body deformations (of all types) and add some backgrounds. Research for this kind of thing exists.   

       You could wear a body suit to translate your movements for that of your avatar and even utilise teledildonics for the more intimate moments.
Aristotle, May 21 2001

       Aristotle: The system you describe sounds fantastic but a little over the top. I'm just talking about a few months worth of programming with the Q3 source code. Some custom built character models and a few textures taken directly from the seamer side of the net or scanned from magazines.   

       It wouldn't be perfect but it would still make a gazillian dollars with the right marketing campaign behind it.   

       (mind you, with the right marketing campaign behind it, you could make a gazillion dollars from fresh cow pats - just look at Microsoft)
gravelpit, May 21 2001

       I understood the original idea, but chose to post a silly game, because I think it'd be easier. <I deleted the link later, because as gravelpit says, it didn't work.>   

       To get a 'real' pr0n experience out of Quake, it'd take a lot of reprogramming...Do the males have to pick up 'ammo' <ahem>? How does one handle the various flying bodily fluids? And so on...
StarChaser, May 22 2001

       I, too understood the original idea. Gravelpit seems not to have understood my point. I'll do virtually the things I couldn't do for real - things the Quake engine was designed for: simulated wholsale slaughter. I can have sex legally and for real so why would I need highly interactive, poorly rendered porn?
sirrobin, May 22 2001

       gravelpit, I get the idea! It's about getting your rocks off by virtually having it off with Lara Croft. Waayhey!! Count me in! Beats virtually killing anything that virtually moves with virtually every small arms weapon virtually known to NATO. Besides, I'm sure our Lara could do with some friendly company for a change. Let's face it everyone she meets wants to shoot her or tear her limbs off!
Ivy, May 22 2001

       sirrobin: If you're sex life is already perfect then good for you but the existing porn industry is based on the premise that there are other people who who like to watch stuff that they don't necessarily get to do every day, at least with people quite so good looking. And as business models go, it seems to be holding up so far.
gravelpit, Jun 20 2001

       Gravelpit: My sex life is pretty damned good at the moment but that's not the point. Remember when you wrote "at least with people quite so good looking?" Reread what I last posted and really try to emphasise the words "poorly rendered" The Quake engine isn't up to good looking (or even realistic). Get the graphics quality up to a level that can be called realistic without laughing and there might be some point to this.
sirrobin, Jun 22 2001, last modified Jun 23 2001

       sirrobin: I have to agree. With Quake modelling the challenge is to make a good enough model with all the appearance, size and speed limitations. As a result the more abstract models work best and people work hard the best on the polygon/skin detail tradeoffs.   

       So someone could do this now if they could persuade a mod (executable modifier) programmer and a team of modellers to (ahem) rise to the challenge. However less than ideal quality would be an issue.
Aristotle, Jun 24 2001

       You have to understand that some people (myself included) have the personality of an alarm clock, and the social skills of a bridge troll. Under these circumstances, attractiveness is not the issue. Never mind the fact that too little detail online is still better than too much detail in real life. :P
VeXaR, Oct 11 2002

       cr*p -
Ossalisc, Oct 26 2003

       Interesting idea... very creative and clever. It's the Sims vs Myst vs Quake vs Jenna Jamison or something. You could even package the software with a dildo joystick. The online gaming would be interesting. Perhaps there should be a ranking ladder. :) However, you might want to keep the running and jumping and have more to a level/map than a single room with furniture. Maybe even scenarios or missions to complete.   

       ...and besides, can't we still have the weapons of mass destruction and gratuitous dismemberment? *grin*
verTigo, Oct 26 2003

       I like this idea, but I don't think the quake engine would be sophisticated enough to do it with.
The problem is one of interaction. Collision detection and collision response is really quite a tricky physical problem even with rigid bodies. And modelling the human body is decidedly more complex than that.
Loris, Jun 28 2004

       this reminds me of a supposed 'Nude Raider' cheat i once saw in a playstation mag; it involved about seventy button presses. i greatly enjoyed the idea of hordes of frustrated gamers getting more frustrated when they got to the sixty fith and pressed R1 instead of R2.   

       who knows, it might actually have worked (snigger).
stilgar, Jul 06 2004


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