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Portable parking meter
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Always shows full time.
Vladtheinhaler, Jul 07 2000


       So what do you do with the REAL meter standing right there? Conversely, how do you handle the 'sore-thumb effect' from being parked next to the only meter for blocks?
StarChaser, Jul 08 2000

       I saw several somethings similar (is that too much alliteration?) in Mad Magazine. In one comic a family had roped off a sizeable area on an otherwise crowded beach and placed a fake landmine (seamine?) in the middle. In the other a woman had an out-of-order sign placed on a stall in a public restroom.
nick_n_uit, Jan 17 2001

       I have tried this a few time and it has worked. Take a few coins and some chewing gum and stick them in the meter and make sure you push them down so you can't see the gum. Then place a clean coin in the slot so it looks like you tried to pay for parking.
jon12, Sep 09 2002

       Why to pay ? If the meter is one of those that has no invoice or reciept, you don't have to pay it.
NeoPiter, Jul 13 2004

       As long as the meter reader is the type without a ticket book.
Worldgineer, Jul 13 2004


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