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mobile mail-box

a mailbox attached to your car
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it seems to be quite a common occurrence that a driver parks his car and removes the parking ticket on a neighbouring car and slips it under his own windscreen wiper in an attempt to fool the warden into thinking that his illegally parked vehicle already has a ticket. (the person who should have received the original ticket is unaware of the situation, obviously, does not pay the fine and probably ends up paying more for the offence.)

of course one halfbakery solution to this state of affairs is for the traffic warden to nail the ticket to your car with a biodegradeable 6” nail and a claw hammer.

or perhaps you would prefer to attach a mail box to the car. it only needs to be the size of a largish envelope and lockable. The traffic warden just posts the ticket safely inside and away from children or drunks who are in prankish mood.

As a bonus, your wipers are now safe from leafleteers who wish to inform you of psychic healing, cheap tyres and the local Chinese takeway etc as they can just pop their leaflets in your mailbox.

po, Feb 23 2003


       I suggest that the traffic wardens simply smash the car window. Or do what many private places do, and paste a large and difficult to remove warning notice over the near side window.
DrCurry, Feb 23 2003

       With this system the police wouldn't know which cars had been ticketed. But that's okay...
snarfyguy, Feb 23 2003

       ickle ticket flag - snarf.   

       anyway its the wardens job! get the police chasing real criminals.
po, Feb 23 2003

       Right, but then everyone would just leave their ticket flags in the "I've gotten a ticket" position.
snarfyguy, Feb 23 2003

       you are just being difficult [snarf]   

       they can leave a bloody great sticker on your windscreen as well if you like.
po, Feb 23 2003

       bris, you did it again. pleeese leave your anno's - they make more sense than some / lots / most
po, Feb 23 2003

       Why can't we find a decent civilian use for the Space Defense Initiative backed by Reagan, Bush, Clinton etc. This seems to be the perfect application. Use lasers from space to 'laser-print' the ticket/citation to the roof of the car.
pathetic, Feb 23 2003

       That's it - destory offending parked cars with a space-based laser cannon!
DrCurry, Feb 23 2003

       Here in California they generally give you a ticket and mail you a bill when you get pulled over for speeding. Sould be easy to have the same system for parking tickets.
Worldgineer, Feb 23 2003

       //the police in many US states carry a credit card processing machine - for swift resolution of your speeding offense fines.//   

       In Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines, there's a big discount for immediate cash settlement. In fact, the officer doesn't even put through the paperwork.   

       There's a fun racket going on in Hong Kong too. The electricity company often parks its emergency response vehicles illegally. They are then ticketed by the waiting traffic cops. This increases operating costs, but profits are guaranteed under the utility regulation.   

       In Singapore, that's the biggest racket in the region. The government makes you pay for the right to own a vehicle. Then it taxes you again when you buy one. A Kia in Singapore costs the same as a Porche in the USA. Then the government charges you road licencing fees. Then the government taxes your gas just as heavily. Then they slap a big central business district charge on you every time you pass through town or use certain roads. Then they fine you big time every time you do anything vaguely wrong. 110% detection rate, punative fines.
FloridaManatee, Feb 24 2003


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