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Portable Street Safe

A carry along safe that can be locked onto most city utility poles.
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The Portable Street Safe is about the size of a briefcase. A little wider and longer. It has a regular handle and a shoulder strap as well. Along one side are two small openings with pivoting covers. The openings are near the top and bottom edges. Behind each opening is a heavy duty (bicycle type) hindged chain. Each chain is about 30 inches long and is wound around hubs within the briefcase. To secure the briefcase to a utility pole, the chains are drawn out of their housings and looped around the pole. The leading link of each chain is fed back into the side holes where they mesh with a sprocket gear. Turning a knob inside of the briefcase takes the slack out of the chains and ratchets down their grip around the pole. (uses same principle as a 'chain' pipe-wrench)

The briefcase/safe is now secured. The front of the briefcase can now be opened and important valuables placed inside.

The briefcase is made of a light weight Kevelar and encased in vinyl. A push-button combination lock secures front.

When do you need a street safe? On vacation, to store valuables when at the beach and inplace of hiding something in your car. Use it at outdoor festivals,sporting events and at public parking lots.

Recommended mounting heights: at 4 ft or higher, above the ground. And parallel with the road or flow of traffic.

Cosmo, Sep 02 2003

Goldmine http://www.tools-plus.com/rec930.html
[thumbwax, Oct 04 2004]


       Thieves have been known to steal whole ATMs. What makes you think they won't just take the pole with your safe?
phoenix, Sep 02 2003

       Kevlar briefcase? Sure. Chain will last about 1.2 seconds.
doorknob, Nov 26 2003

       Not a great idea in this age of terrorist paranoia. Heck, the police get all worked up about people leaving bags in public places as it is.
toiyabe, Nov 26 2003


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