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junker lock

reduced security needs of older car
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I've locked my keys in the old beater one to many times. The last time I had to wait 45 minutes for aaa to send a mechanic to lift the lock. I have two old toyotas and I live in a fairly low crime area. Soooo, I drilled a small hole in passenger lock knob and the next time I lock my keys in the car I'll only need a coat hanger to insert into the hole to unlock the vehicle.
jackoutofthebox, Oct 28 2002

trepanation http://www.trepanationguide.com/
you need this like, well, a hole in the head. [stilgar, Oct 17 2004]

Street Ka http://www.pistonhe...oc.asp?c=125&i=6524
The most secure car in the world..? [simonj, Oct 17 2004]


       Then baked! By you...
snarfyguy, Oct 28 2002

       Um...why are you bothering to lock the car in the first place...?
Nick@Nite, Oct 28 2002

       If I'm at the grocery store and I have something of value in the car - I'll lock my doors. Most of the time I don't bother locking up. Sometimes I lock up out of old habit.
jackoutofthebox, Oct 28 2002

       better drill the small hole in your head. You will be better off
doorknob, Nov 26 2003

       I haven't locked my keys in the car in the past year. If I were to go to a high crime area I might consider putting duct tape over the holes. [doorknob] Are you speaking from experience?
jackottabox, Nov 26 2003

       What [Nick@Nite] said.
dobtabulous, Nov 27 2003

       I'm not worried about my car being stolen. I'm worried about something of value sitting in the back seat being seen by a passerby and taken. A petty theif is looking for cars that are unlocked. Whereas I'm just looking for a do-it-yourself method of pulling up the lock knob on those rare occasions when the keys are left in the vehicle. It's not rocket science.
jackottabox, Nov 28 2003

       //[doorknob] Are you speaking from experience?// quite possibly. see link.
stilgar, Jun 11 2004

       semi related tale: last year when touring the UK in a brand new Ford Street Ka [link], my wife locked the keys in the boot(or trunk). Because there's no boot opening button inside the vehicle, we had to call road side asststance. The poor guy was baffled, he'd never seen a Street Ka before. He ended up having to call the United States and ask their engineers how to open the boot without a key. He ended up pulling all the wires out from inside the door cavity and shorting them (all this on a rented car). Eventually he found the right one and the boot clicked open. Moral of the story for car designers; make sure there's a boot release in the cab.
simonj, Jun 11 2004

       They built a car with an electric actuator to open the trunk but with no button anywhere to energize it? How odd.
half, Jun 11 2004

       the button was on the keychain
simonj, Jun 11 2004

       Simonj the street Ka is a convertible correct how many insurance companies would be happy if a boot release button was within the cab?   

       Alternative moral to your story don't lock the keys in the boot.
engineer1, Jun 11 2004


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