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Portable Vinyl Player

a little device that plays a record with only 2 AA batteries.
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it has a motor, a needle, and a tiny rubber wheel on either side. it has a tiny speaker, or you could use the headphone jack with a special accessory, basically a rod through the middle of the record with a swivel attachment at the top with a hole that prevents cord tangle. you simply put the record on a flat surface, and it scoots around and plays beautiful music! one little problem: one little skip and your beautiful music maker goes zooming across the floor, leaving a needle groove behind.
neo_, Nov 24 2009

Here. http://www.retrothi...he_vinyl_kille.html
Good idea but B-a-k-e-d! [DrWorm, Nov 24 2009]

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       & sounds awfuk.
po, Nov 24 2009

       This is completely 100% baked. I'll go look for a link.
DrWorm, Nov 24 2009

       How does it track inward? with only 2 wheels wouldn't it fall over? It seems to me you'd need at least three wheels and a tether to the center that shortens at the appropriate rate to bring the player toward the center.   

       With a tiny speaker I doubt the music would be beautiful.
rocdoc, Nov 24 2009

       not to mention the fact that the speed needs to change dramatically. I could see a trike arrangement where the needle and one wheel were wed steering and driving the device (and distorting the sound) while the third wheel acted as an outrigger. On the whole this idea is pretty unworkable. However our neonatal has brought us a real idea, and that shouldn't go without some encouragement!
WcW, Nov 24 2009

       damn world. that kinda goes to show that everything has already been thought of..
neo_, Nov 24 2009

       indeed. damn internet. but if you invent things like that, chances are someone will call you on it.   

neo_, Nov 24 2009


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