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Portable "Wrong!!" Buzzer

For those occasions when even the smallest bit of doubt isn't necessary
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I think it'd be great to have a pocket-size device that, when activated, would make a huge BWAAAAMMPP! sound---like those rude buzzers they used on old TV gameshows---to indicate that the person you're conversing with is totally, inarguably WRONG. A really loud sound, really obnoxious, like an airhorn that smokes cigarettes.

As it is, I could use one of those several times a day. It'd make a difference, as it would help people---at least those interested in improving---realize that they need to WAKE UP and GET INFORMED or they'll never win any valuable prizes. Sadly, some of the people I have in mind are so habitually and stubbornly wrong that not only will they miss the prizes, they'll eventually make the in-studio audience lose interest and go home, and they won't even learn what was behind the doors they didn't choose. They're that clueless. The buzzer would help the rest, though. Thank you.

Ander, Oct 13 2000


       Could we have a link please? I am interested in getting one of these.
dgeiser13, Oct 13 2000

       I love those buzzers! I just take one out of Taboo or something and stick it in my pocket. When I start talking to someone who is so apparently WRONG, I just put my hands on my hips and press the little button, and, out of nowhere, a loud buzz comes! I say, "Oh, I guess somebody else thinks you're wrong!"
verobay, Oct 14 2000

       Yes a Taboo buzzer works very well, since it is loud and obnoxious... Also if you just hold the buzzer down you can shake and jump about... It's an instant Vibrator Halloween costume
davros42, Oct 19 2000

       Right after you hit the buzzer, you can say "Ooooooh, sorry! But you win a copy of our home game. Thanks for playing."
krelnik, Oct 19 2002

       "... like an airhorn that smokes cigarettes."   

bristolz, Oct 19 2002


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