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Countless time I have been viewing the idea listings in a specific category when I decide to add to the category. This means I must go to the new idea link and perform a lenghty search for the category in the selection box.

If the were a link in the category views to add an idea with the current category selected, it would save search time, and prevent me from forgetting which category I intended to post in.

Aq_Bi, May 02 2005

Categorically Categorically_20Clicking
[theircompetitor, May 03 2005]


       If you go to any idea in the required category and hit 'new idea' from there, that category is the default one in the list.
Apart from which, the categories are in alphabetical order; how lengthy is the search?
angel, May 02 2005

       Thanks [angel], I learn something new every day.
wagster, May 02 2005

       Oddly, this does not work for me. The search is lenghty because one pixel of scrolling skips through dozens categories.
Aq_Bi, May 03 2005

       I've mentioned this once before to the bakesperson, but I'm damned if I can remember what she said.
Detly, May 03 2005

       You can click inside the text box and type the first letter of the category you want to skip to that letter alphabetically in the list.
Zimmy, May 03 2005


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