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"satisfy your craving" button

If you crave a croissant in the HB.
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Sometimes I just want to read a really good idea. Be it hilariously written, impressively practical or just if it makes me say "Why didn't I think of that?", there's a certain joy that comes from finding a truly exceptional invention here on the Halfbakery. I suggest a supplementary "random" button that brings you to a random idea with 2.5 buns: the cream of the crop. That way, if I ever want to read a useful or funny idea, I can just click once and my craving for buttery goodness is satisfied.
DrWorm, Jul 02 2010

halfbakery: bread and butter vendors Bread_20and_20Butter_20Vendors
Hits the spot for me everytime. [rcarty, Jul 02 2010]


       //"satisfy your craving" button — If you crave a croissant in the HB//   

       I was imagining that the button would automatically post, for you, and with your name at the end as the author, a superbly written and quite ingenious idea, which your fellow bakeryeers would stumble upon and bun with delight.
pocmloc, Jul 02 2010

       You could start with the "best" button in the left margin of this page. Then after you've exhausted those first top ten ideas (and as many clicks on the "[more]" button as your heart desires), use the "best[edit]" button at the bottom of that listing to make a new filter of your own to get just the kind of ideas you want. [vote filter] will do pretty much the same thing when you apply the editable parameters.
jurist, Jul 02 2010


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