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Postal events for the Olympics

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For too long the humble postie has been neglected in the Olympics.....

Who wouldn't want to see a relay race with franking at every handover, pushing the envelope (as a team sport) and Olympic pass the parcel, of course.

Watch as international teams of postpersons put their stamp on the Olympics...

not_morrison_rm, Aug 01 2014


       Inspired - no need for slow motion playback ...
8th of 7, Aug 01 2014

       You could also have mass participation - everyone sends a postcard, the first to be delivered gets gold medal.
pocmloc, Aug 01 2014

       Don't forget the humble customer, too...by introducing a queue race. First to the front of a queue....   

       I envisage a frantic and excited commentary as the contestants slowly shuffle to the counter.
Ling, Aug 01 2014

       [+] SO good!
xandram, Aug 01 2014

       //the humble customer, too... a queue race//   

       Definitely. Teams could balance their strategy - some team members would try to get to the front of their own queue, whilst other team members could be deployed in the classic role of "83 year old lady who wants to send a chocolate bar by recorded delivery, but doesn't have the full address, the correct money, any wrapping paper, or indeed the chocolate bar, and can she also buy a TV licence for her dog" in order to slow down members of other teams.
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 01 2014

       This is so nearly a good idea. I've played postal chess before and I was really looking forward to sending in my move for the postal 400m Hurdles. But no! Instead we have fat posties ambling around the track (& probably stopping halfway round for a cup of tea & a fry up) instead of the spotlight being on we fighting fit & fanatical armchair sports enthusiasts. Bah!
DrBob, Aug 01 2014

       // 83 year old lady //   

       You forgot to mention that she's hard of hearing, the battery in her hearing aid is running down, and she's forgotten her reading glasses.
8th of 7, Aug 01 2014

       //You forgot to mention that she's hard of hearing//   

       The hearing's always fine when in conversation with Ethel regarding her Daughter's swanky new dish washing machine, and how Bernadette, the one with the dog, lives near that shop that used to be a laundrette but is now a... ooh I don't know, I think you can get keys there... anyway, Carol's expecting.... you know, Bob's eldest, with the lisp.. not Carol, Bob, well, he used to, when I babysat for him, now he's doing well with that Chemical firm, I knew he would when he used to play with lighter fluid, speaking about Bob have you heard from Julie? I haven't seen her since that funeral, lovely spread, shame about the pies...
bs0u0155, Aug 01 2014


       <sound of running boots fading into distance>
8th of 7, Aug 01 2014

       Meanwhile, back at the work of our heroic postal workers (I have one in the family, so I have to say this)...getting the letter attached to the discus through the letterbox at 50 paces...   

       (replaces the javelin event as too many casualties while signing the recorded delivery docket)
not_morrison_rm, Aug 01 2014

       I'm usually impressed by our postmen, but not at the moment. I got one of those cards saying that import duty was due on a parcel for me. I got the card franked for the amount due, put it in the mail and, two days later I received... the card.
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 02 2014

       Stamp licking event. Must be.
blissmiss, Aug 02 2014

       Why are they never strawberry flavour? And never a handy dog when you need one.
not_morrison_rm, Aug 03 2014

       Where do they still have lickey-sticky stamps?
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 03 2014


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