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Pot Pie Burrito

Replace lettuce with peas!
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No matter what you order from a Mexican fast food joint you can be sure it's got cheese, lettuce and tomatoes in it. Had enough yet? Howzabout replacing lettuce and tomatoes with peas and carrots? Add chicken and some flaky dough and it's a pot pie, at long last in a convenient shape!
Steamboat, Feb 27 2015

whoops https://www.youtube...watch?v=qYAG4GLL3qk
Science? [popbottle, Mar 06 2015]


       Are peas and carrots microwavable? Do they catch fire ?   

       Or explode ?   

       Pot pies are switching to fruit filling. Will apple or cherry burritos be in the future.
popbottle, Feb 27 2015

       recipe..... see help file on LHS of screen...
xenzag, Feb 27 2015

       Yeah it's kind of a recipe, but it's not a specific recipe: more of opening up a new area for exploration. In the past, the burrito form factor has already been expanded to include wraps with Italian, and Asian themes, but I've never seen a wrap with this type of theme.   

       Of course a quick internet search for a "pot pie wrap" gets several relevant hits, so...
scad mientist, Feb 27 2015

       You might just live in the wrong part of the country - one of those places where what is passed off as Mexican fast food is a pale shadow of the real thing. Come visit San Diego and you'll see the world differently.
normzone, Feb 27 2015

       ...and then go to Mexico and find out what real Mexican food is like! Nothing like burritos or tacos.
But I would like a chicken pot pie in hand! +
xandram, Feb 27 2015

       You could replace the lettuce with mushrooms, and make the wrap flat and doughy, and you'd have a pizza. You could make the doughy wrap flat on top and bottom, and you'd have a sandwich. Replace the wrap with fried eggs and the filling with a steak, and you'd have steak and eggs. Make the wrap out of plastic, and the filling out of mint flavoured mildly abrasive gunge, and you'd have a tube of toothpaste. The possibilities are possible!
pocmloc, Feb 27 2015

       I was about to ask what in gods' names a "pot pie" is, but as far as I can tell from Wikipedia, a "pot pie" is a "pie".
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 27 2015

       Here in the colonies, pies are strictly dessert, except for pot pies, which are (usually processed/previously frozen, of course) meat pies made with gelatinous "chicken" or "beef" in a thick, salty gravy with (canned or previously frozen) vegetables (carrots, peas, bits of drywall spackle impersonating potatoes) in a (usually disturbingly gooey, but occasionally flaky) crust. On the plus side, you can find them on sale for as little as 50 cents at times.
Spacecoyote, Feb 27 2015

       peas are relatively microwavable, but require you to submerse them in some water. From my experience, cooking carrots by microwave is not advisable because it creates a lot of steam which eventually (in my experience) ends up killing the lightbulb and other electrobits. After extreme water damage, or last microwave was in a state where it would begin to cook when you opened the door even from an off state.
bob, Mar 04 2015

       //Here in the colonies...//   

       Ah. Now I understand. I suppose that is the punishment you have to bear for declaring "independence". A nation deprived of pork pies, steak-and-ale pies, hunter's pies... a cruel fate.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 04 2015

       Sorry, but we always make our own Pot Pies, as you just decribed [MB]. Because something has a different name, or people buy frozen food, does not mean we don't know how to cook or bake, use fresh ingredients and our imaginations. I must say I often used pre-made pie crusts, only from the lack of time to make it from scratch.
We just had sausage and ale pie last week - homemade with real carrots, potatoes, peas, onions,mushrooms, spinach, homemade sausage, etc.
xandram, Mar 05 2015

       What's your address again, xandram? Good heavens, that sounds so delightful.
blissmiss, Mar 05 2015

       Actually, my man is the pot pie cook! You're welcome to come over [blissy]!!
xandram, Mar 06 2015

       What you are describing has been quite literally baked.
nomocrow, Mar 06 2015

       //A nation deprived of pork pies, steak-and-ale pies, hunter's pies//   

       Not if you bake them yourself. I have absolutely no idea why people think English food is boring. I could live on pies and mushrooms, and I'm from South Louisiana.   

       My wife made a pork and apple pie last week that was fan damn tastic. it actually had cheddar cheese in the crust. It was so good it was stupid.
nomocrow, Mar 06 2015

       //I have absolutely no idea why people think English food is boring.//   

       From 1939 to about 1988, English food was crap, to be honest. We now have more artisanal cheeses than the French; more Michelin-starred restaurants per square mile than the French; a wider range of meats, vegetables and seafood than the French; and far fewer French people than the French.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 06 2015


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