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Pot Vise

If ya wanna burn the pot, you should get a pot vise.
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Have you ever had a thin pot that you couldn't heat to evenly or too fast because it was just too light and wouldn't sit firmly on the coil burner? If so, then read the next scentence. Would you think a device that latches the pot onto the burners and increases the overall heat transfer would be a good idea? I do, and I present Pot Vises.

Pot vises would be used in tandem. Three vises would be fixed around the top of the pot and the bottom of the burner coil, equidistant from eachother around the circumference of the pot. They would then be tightened all at the same time using a remote control. This would avoid complications with hot water. That is, you won't be able to tighten the vises one at a time, because the pot might fly out from under the first one and that would suck. I want to be dealing with about 100lbs of force so saftey is an issue.

Also, the assembly may have to be equipped with a pressure sensing device so that if any of the pot vises looses its grip, they will all loose their grip. This is so that no pots suddenly go flying while they are vised to the burner. The remote control system and the pressure control system would probably both work with some radio interface.

So, with three little vises, one could heat their water faster, Heat their soups more evenly, and have a fun little machine to play with.

Maybe the vices could be put on my head.

Maybe the vices could be used in my bed!

I will just stick them to what I have said...

My face is red.

daseva, Oct 03 2006

Origo Pot Holders http://www.amback.c...spx?ProductID=58542
Made for Origo alcohol stoves, and identical in concept to the ones used on many RV and boat rangetops. [jurist, Oct 04 2006]

Plastimo Gimballed Rail + Pan Clamps http://www.quaywest...duct_PLS_10656.html
Admittedly these clamps are better at holding pots from sliding around on top of a range than keeping a pot tightly clamped down on a burner. [jurist, Oct 04 2006]


DrCurry, Oct 03 2006

       As the vices tighten and more closely appose pot to burner, heat transfer will continue to increase in efficiency. The logical conclusion of this is to produce a burner element in the shape of a pot.
bungston, Oct 04 2006

       A thin pot is a vice. A vise on a thin pot is not a vice. Any questions?
daseva, Oct 04 2006

       I call that "proof of concept"..
daseva, Oct 04 2006

       If the pot is vised to the stove it shouldn't spill too easily.
daseva, Oct 04 2006

       Cookers on boats have devices to grip the pots and stop them from falling off.   

       However, if you want better, more even heating, get gas!   

       With a thin pot you also risk damaging the bottom or setting it on fire! Surely if the pot is so thin it would also deform under so much pressure.
webfishrune, Oct 04 2006

       I had that problem. I bought a new pot.
Galbinus_Caeli, Oct 04 2006

       So now you have one set of pot vices that you no longer need and are trying to pass off to some other smuck as a new invention? Excellent! That's using the ol' noggin.
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Oct 04 2006

       If I could entice 5-0, the vice, to let
though caught, the guise tread as per price said!
I will trick them to keep my net
the green I wed.

       Pots, water, dice, gambles, anvils, and frets
wive's tales, junk mail, mysterious minds in debt!
Ah, Cooking Zen The price of nice bread.
Just wait a bit.
Zimmy, Oct 05 2006


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