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more burners for your stovetop! and big pans.
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A traditional stovetop has a certain number of burners, and they can't be moved. This creates problems for people with large pots, or long-handled pans, or limited stove-top space.

I propose a stove with six or more burners all packed together on extendible arms. When you want to use a burner, you extend it. The arms could be moved to different heights and positions so the cook can decide what should be on the front burner.

Bonus: New kinds of pans that can be heated from multiple angles.

Bonus 2: If the stove is electric, you can put on a cover and put it in your sink to heat large amounts of water.

Bonus 3: If one has a very long arm, it can be put on the floor and used to heat a cauldron.

Bonus 4: Use the long-armed burner on very low heat as a foot warmer.

Bonus 5: Point a burner or two into the room and add a reflector: electric space heater.

Voice, Mar 18 2008


       This could be very nice in an industrial-chic sort of way.
wagster, Mar 18 2008

       + I must vote for this as I just had a dream that someone was roasting a pig on a grill-like burner that extended off the kitchen counter. (was that you in my dream?)
xandram, Mar 18 2008

       wow. You could rotisserie a turkey, too.
Zimmy, Mar 18 2008

       Excellent idea. My homebrewing kettle is too large for one burner, but the spacing of my electric stove burners only allows me to get it on one-and-a-half burners.
normzone, Mar 18 2008

       [xandram] (whom I daily confuse with [xenzag] - one of you change your name or something, would you?)   

       Gives a whole new meaning to having a [Voice] in your head, doesn't it?
globaltourniquet, Mar 18 2008

       Let's all change our names to [globaltourniquet]. That way nobody will be confused.
normzone, Mar 18 2008

       hmm, which came first, The [Voice] or the [globaltouniquet]?
btw, if you knew us, I am a woman and [xenzag] is a man!
xandram, Mar 19 2008

       I am a duck.
wagster, Mar 19 2008

       [+] I can't begin to tell you how many times I need more room than the one big burner provides. Bonus 5 is already baked in many US urban low-income communities. Rather than pointing the burner they just open the oven door.
Jscotty, Mar 19 2008

       [wagster] could identify himself in Jeeb-Ponk-Fwee.   

       Your names backwards sound like a pair of characters in a Cartoon Network cartoon: "Mardnax and Gaznex"
globaltourniquet, Mar 19 2008

       Wiccans would go crazy for one of these.
RayfordSteele, Mar 20 2008


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