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Potpourri Bomb

Potpourri Bomb
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Were you ever in that situation where you needed to clean house in a hurry, and you wanted to just make the house smelling potpourri fresh. This idea may just be your ticket: The potpourri bomb.

All you do is leave your windows open and light up this little cherry bomb device leaving the premises immediately. The potpourri bomb is based on the concept of the smoke bombs used in the LA Riots which were used to disperse crowds of angry protesters.

With this neat device, you'll be able to have the whole neighborhood smelling potpourri fresh and friendly.

Comes in Autumn Breeze, Cinnamon, and Blueberry.

esp3r, Aug 12 2001


       You gotta wave that aerosol around. Plus, a bomb just seems so much more fun.
protean, Aug 12 2001

       [sp: potpourri, not potporri or potperri. Also protester, cinnamon. Fixed in title.]
jutta, Aug 13 2001

       My wife would buy these. And make me use them.
phoenix, Aug 13 2001

       Cool idea. I have an image of someone kicking the toilet door open, yelling "Fire in the hole!" and diving for cover. The boys-with-toys fun aspect of this might actually mean that bachelor pads would smell of something other than week-old curry and fish suppers. Do we get Kevlar aprons too?
Guy Fox, Aug 13 2001

       I imagine that people obsessed with cleaning could use such a bomb to make suicide sanitation strikes ...
Aristotle, Aug 13 2001

       Shopping list:
1 potpourri bomb
6 aromatherapy grenades
200 rounds of caseless lavender water (exploding)
st3f, Aug 13 2001

       And Jif (or is it 'Cif', now?) or similar cleaning liquid available in water pistol dispenser.
Guy Fox, Aug 13 2001

       And a gas mask.
Guy Fox, Aug 13 2001

       Mutually Assured Dissinfection anyone?
Aristotle, Aug 13 2001

       Go ahead, funk. Make my day.
Guy Fox, Aug 13 2001

       Nix, nihilo, nada, bad and evil.   

       Now, an anti-potpourri bomb would be wonderful. Drop one in front of those eye-watering candle-and-scent shops in the mall, the air clears, and you can smell - - nothing!!   

       Smaller versions to set off when in the presence of people who pour 1/2 bottle of perfume on themselves.   

       Sorry, I know this is a rant, but I can't help it. Too many artificial (or enhanced-reality) smells around already. They are irritating to my eyes, skin, and lungs.
quarterbaker, Aug 13 2001

       I remember in an episode of Jonathan Creek (UK detective series), him pointing out that people always lift Potpourri up to their noses and sniff it. The point being that you can't smell the damn stuff unless it's less than a centimetre away from your nostrils.
-alx, Aug 14 2001

       ...because they've burnt out their olfactory systems from all the other horrid scents they use. Cheers to 1/4baker -- he has the right idea. How about a smart bomb that follows the direction of the odor gradient to destroy the source! Or al least encapsulate it in hermetic epoxy.
rmutt, Aug 14 2001

       Masking bad smells with "nice" smells is like laying a new carpet on top of your mess instead of just clearing up.
gravelpit, Aug 15 2001

       A 500 kiloton potpourri bomb could have great value as a military weapon due to the demoralizing effect it would have on the enemy population: "You're such pigs that we can't even come kill you until you smell better."
beauxeault, Aug 15 2001

       I love it [beaux], instead of farting in their general direction you now can blowup a city and insult them too, but in a democratic way. "Oh, you mean you didn't want your country to smell like a spring rain? Sorry about that, didn't mean to, wrong button."   

       In a more serious line of thought, I thought the bombs in L.A. left nasty black marks on the roads and sidewalks. Wouldn't the potpourri bombs leave a scorch mark on the floor, or at least melt the carpet some. Maybe it could be made like the flea bombs that you stand up in your livingroom and press a button and walk away for a couple of hours then come back and wipe up all the dead things. Maybe we could have them combined and kill fleas and smell like Sandelwood or Roses or whatever.
barnzenen, Aug 15 2001

       Sorry, people, this might seem like a cool idea, but you'll still have to actually wash something or other sooner or later. Either that, or move house.
pottedstu, Sep 21 2001

       I don't like the nasty artificial scents-- I want some of these in flavors like Chocolate Chip Cookie and Egg Nog. Mmmmmmmmm...
Galileo, Nov 28 2001

       I agree with you, Galileo.
bristolz, Mar 07 2002

       you could just go buy a hepa-filter . . .
BeastMaster, Mar 07 2002

       Kinda sorta not quite baked-ish. Put a standard pseudo-floral stink can (glade or some such nastiness) in the fireplace. Great fun.
stilgar, Jan 01 2006


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