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Powered Creeper Racing

Put small motors in mechanic's creepers and race them.
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I have found several places where people race creepers, but it is always human powered. My idea is to put chainsaw or weed whacker sized gasoline engines on a creeper and race them. The racers would have to race face up and head first for added difficulty.
GenYus, Jun 21 2004

Google: creeper http://www.google.c...&q=creeper+mechanic
Jesus X, people! How lazy is this group? [Laughs Last, Oct 05 2004]


       But they'd have mirrors so they can see...right?!?
my-nep, Jun 21 2004

       And a creeper is...?
DrCurry, Jun 21 2004

       Isn't this just powered luge?
swimr, Jun 21 2004

       Creeper? What is a "creeper"?
DesertFox, Jun 21 2004

       ...and I thought this was some kind of novelty sex toy, very disappionted! You forgot the "no helmet" rule; otherwise the head first woudn't make sense. Racing face up would require a mirror and/or a good memory of the track. Which one/two is it?
kbecker, Jun 21 2004

       You could race under moving SUV's.
FarmerJohn, Jun 22 2004

       The racers would wear helmets. The head first is so they have to use their memory of the track to navigate.   

       //Isn't this just powered luge?// Other than the fact that the lugers use runners, go down a curved track, race on ice, and race feet first.
GenYus, Jun 22 2004

       //and I thought this was some kind of novelty sex toy, very disappionted!//   

       I have to know what that would be. Is there a sexual connotation to "creeper" that I don't know about?   

       [contracts], I think [Laughs Last] was referring to the people that didn't know that a creeper was.
GenYus, Jun 22 2004

gnomethang, Jun 22 2004

       [GenYus] understands me.   

       Not knowing something is very normal. Complaining about your own ignorance strikes me as an unusual turn of events, considering that the world’s best research tools are right at your fingertips.   

       I trust that [DrCurry] prefers for less common terms to be explained by the author, to shift more of the burden of explaining an idea onto the author. [Vernon] is a good example of a baker who does this.
Laughs Last, Jun 22 2004

       Sorry I meant powered street luge
swimr, Jun 22 2004

       From what I can see, in the UK a creeper is a one-piece outfit for a baby, a shoe with a really thick sole, or a flat wheeled tray that a mechanic lies on to slide under a car?   

       I found at least two UK tool sites that list the item in question as a car creeper, so I'm confused about the confusion.
GenYus, Jun 23 2004

       <Ingerlaand!>Never heard of a creeper or car creeper.</Ingerlaand!>
gnomethang, Jun 23 2004

       This sounds suitably insane and Manly, you need an engine bigger than one from a weed whacker to really appeal to the extreme sports nut. +
engineer1, Jun 24 2004


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