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starting guns/lights

how to stop false starts
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what about, rather than ``marks, set... ... ... GO'' in spirnting and a sequence of lights (in formula 1 motor racing) what about just having a countdown from 10? nice 'n' steady. should avoid any false starts.
Bangybongo, Jul 18 2008

Spirnting http://www.merchant...rmabon.609-484-9445
[normzone, Jul 18 2008]

Drag Christmas Tree http://www.two-lane.../images/tour/16.jpg
[Klaatu, Jul 18 2008]

A Christmas Tree *IN* Drag http://nicoletteand.../christmas-tree.jpg
Slight difference. [Klaatu, Jul 18 2008]


       The start in a dash race is about the reaction, not timing a when you think you should start.   

       I want to give you a [+] for referring to Forumula 1, but HB law binds me.
Giblet, Jul 18 2008

       I think it's dumb that reflexes count for so much, and, in these close races, can account for the winner more than running ability does. Anything to stop the nonsense. What about horse race gates that open when the runner is allowed to start?
phundug, Jul 18 2008

       I actually like this idea of using drag christmas trees as a start for sprinters. Don't know why, just like it. Bun [+]
Klaatu, Jul 18 2008


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