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Powered Trailers

Towable self propelling (and braking) motor.
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Now your firefly can tow your fifth-wheel. Now your firefly can beat a porche off the line. Now your suv can get great fuel economy with an alt powered trailer (hybrid, electric...................................). Parking would rot, but not that badly. Adjacent lots could be made for them or, after commuting people could leave them at storage facilities.
goomba, Jan 12 2004

Land-Rover did this years ago... http://www.ebroadca...owered.trailer.html
...but they used a PTO from the towing vehicle, rather than a separate engine. [angel, Oct 04 2004]

This one's the real deal http://www.rodmillen.com/Htmmp.htm
Pretty much as described. [angel, Oct 04 2004]

Pusher trailer http://www.mrsharkey.com/pusher.pdf
Powered trailer to improve range and speed of electric car. [KiwiJohn, Oct 04 2004]


       I am afraid this is baked, maybe I can find the link. Some folks (one at least!) has the front of a VW Gulf diesel converted to a powered trailer for occasional use when he needs to extend the range of his electric car.
KiwiJohn, May 28 2004

       Anybody know of a trailer that recovers braking power?
goomba, Jun 28 2004


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