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Rolamite bearing design

An alternate arrangement of rollers and bands that eliminates aspect ratio problems.
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My design uses 3 bands to constrain a set of spacing rollers which, as their name implies ensure proper spacing between rollers much as a cage would but with no sliding friction or grease. one band pulls the spacing rollers inward while pushing main rollers outwards while the others pulls the spacing rollers outwards while pulling the main rollers inwards.

[edit] new derivative non Rolamite based.(see comments)[/edit]

RichardT, Jan 24 2010

image of said arrangement http://www.postimag...mage.php?v=aV1RKdgr
My design modeled in Phun. It works with extremely high friction values. [RichardT, Jan 24 2010]

Rotary Rolamite bearing http://erikbrinkman.../Scroller/Home.html
Bearing with all surfaces moving in the same direction ... no rubbing. [BigGiantHead, Jan 26 2010]


       As for the practicality of this, it would work better if the rollers were grooved with the bands running in the grooves so that you would not have them between the bearing surfaces.
ldischler, Jan 24 2010

       That was exactly what I was thinking. To eliminate slipping though, the groove diameter to roller diameter ratio would have to be the same for both sets of rollers so there would be shallow grooves in the spacing rollers and deeper grooves in the main ones.
RichardT, Jan 24 2010

       that is the highest surface area bearing design I have ever seen. You must be thinking of very low speed operation in a perfectly clean environment with self lubricating materials.
WcW, Jan 24 2010

       The intention is to suspend the spacing rollers in the gaps between the bearing rollers ?   

       Gould this not be achieved by having two rings on each side of the bearing with matching sets of holes into which the tips of the spacing rollers extended ? Perhaps the spacer rollers could have conical ends and seat in depressions in the annular supports.   

       This would have short, load-bearing rollers within the race, and longer, thinner spacer rollers extending beyond the race.   

       Lubrication is still going to be needed ...   

       Category suggestion: "Product: Engine" ?   

       Suggested new subcategory: "Product:Engine:Component" or "Product:Mechanical"
8th of 7, Jan 24 2010

       Wow, a semi-patentable idea on the bakery...
RayfordSteele, Jan 24 2010

       I experimented with a design like that and found that the ring could drift along with all of it's spacing rollers to one side. Though I just had another Idea. the outer raceway could be extended around and inwards at it's ends so as to support the spacer rollers. The spacer rollers are ratating counter to the main load bearing ones their interior sides would rest on the outer raceway preventing inwards movement while a ring or band prevents outwards movement. the spacing rollers would have to have a reduced diameter where they are supported by the outer raceway and a groove for the ring to sit in but it should be doable. It would also be extremely difficult if not impossible to assemble but this is halfbakery. This kind of setup might even work with tapered roller bearings, something a band constrained design would be hard pressed to do.
RichardT, Jan 25 2010


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