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Quiet small combustion engines

Pair a small internal combustion engine with a car muffler
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Noisy generator and ride lawnmower engines drive me crazy! Why not replace the 50 cent muffler they use with a car muffler and viola, I would assume it would be much quieter. This applies to mopeds too.
tabarin, Apr 29 2005

Quiet Mufflers http://www.jackssma...quietmuf_index.html
Better than baked? [Thlayli, Apr 29 2005]


       For the lawns, how about a reel cutter mounted in front of a Segway?
Adze, Apr 29 2005

       Would the engine still be able to breathe?   

       [admin: cumbustion -> combustion]
st3f, Apr 29 2005

       Most of the noise from small engines like these is not from the exhaust. They tend to be air-cooled so don't have the sound-insulating effect of a water-jacket.
angel, Apr 29 2005

       What does the bowed string instrument do?
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Apr 29 2005

       I think the viola is designed to be played quietly and hide the remaining noise from the near-silenced exhaust. (sp: voila)   

       This isn't a bad idea though, they are noisy things and thre would be a market for them with better silencers.
david_scothern, Apr 29 2005

       I wonder if the reason the muffler is minimal is because a fully silenced muffler would involve too much of a penalty in engine output? Boy racer cars have custom air inlets and exhausts to boost airflow, and therefore power.
Adze, Apr 29 2005

       Nuvess, our rabbit, has a round cage which he can push around on the grass, and that makes for an almost completely silent lawnmower.
pashute, Mar 28 2008

       I love it and it gives me an idea, see "solar powered lawn mower".
MisterQED, Mar 28 2008


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