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For the lowly worker who wants to be justified...
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(Yes, this idea is inpired by [theircompetitor]'s annon on Powerpointillism, in which he read it as 'Powerpoint Nihilism'.) Bill looked at the computer screen. He double-clicked on the icon anxiously. It was a 32x32 image of a void. He blinked nervously. He had decided to download the program after realising that he had spent 22.675 years in his dull, dead-end job with nothing to work to or up from. He had seen it mentioned in one of the 7543 blogs he read every day, and it played on his mind. 'Watch this presentation!' it said. 'You will find the truth! You were right after all!'. He had downloaded it after thinking about it for 43.6 minutes. That was 5.354 days ago. As Powerpoint loaded, he realised how sad it was that he had memorised all these numbers to three decimal places. The first page loaded. It was solid black. With some aprehention, he clicked to load the next page. He prepared for his life to have meaning, for a purpose to jump out at him. The letters faded into view. 'Everything is worthless...'

He passed out.

EDIT: Changed 'Rowland' to 'Bill'.

dbmag9, Oct 20 2005

The Original Idea Powerpointillism
from which this came. [dbmag9, Oct 20 2005]



       Why did he pass out?   

       Did I miss something?
Texticle, Oct 20 2005

       This is a shameless UB imitation. Rowland?
-----, Oct 21 2005

       You know an entire religion based on powerpoint presentations isn't exactly my idea of faith. I mean what kind of signifigant person would you have, the office assistant delivering the help topics on the PC? What's next, The twelve disciples are the twelve fonts? No offense but i think it would be a difficult church to raise.
robbie the rocker, Dec 24 2005


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