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Practice Bench Timer

Chronometer for piano practice
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Based on a simple spring-loaded microswitch, this is a cumulative timer for how long a practice seat is occupied. Could feature weekly / monthly records, and / or various other features.

On second thought, this could / should be expanded to record occupany times for various other furniture / locations including couch, bed, dining room, treadmill, floor in front of refrigerator, etc.

csea, Mar 05 2011

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       I baked part of the first paragraph in 1976, using a D-cell and a mercury-column hour meter, curiously available at RadioShack in those days.   

       [Looked for a link to the device, couldn't find one.]   

       The piano in Dabney Lounge was used about 6.5 hours a day.
csea, Mar 06 2011

       Accelerometer with graphing capability?
normzone, Mar 07 2011


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