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Prank Registry

Most Pranks are Illegal, but If we registered them first...
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This Idea's probably been done already, but I ran out of patience searching for it. Basically, everything fun in terms of pranks, is illegal, even harmless ones. We could create two things. a list of legal pranks, that one could inflict on another without fear of having their spleen sued out. These you could do any time, without a permit, and no one could stop you

The second would be a prank registry, where you could register: 1) Things that you do not want involved in pranks. 2) Pranks you would like to do. A small amount of reimbursement would be required, but if the prankee did not want to be pranked, they would be registered already. If you cause damage, it's not your fault, becasue the prankee didn't register.

Within reasonable limits, of course. No physically harming people, but sneaking ex-lax into their coffee is okay.

No pranks on people under the age of 6, no pranks on people under the age of 18 without parental consent.

This leaves opportunities to order strippers to City Hall, or fill your neighbour's pool with gelatin. Laws of trespass, slander and vandalism could be temporarily suspended. You could steal someone's car in the night and send it to China if you really want to. Or replace all their business clothing with hawaiian shirts and speedos. Throw a dummy filled with pigs organs from the butcher off a tall building into the city centre. It's all legal if you've got the right permit.

Finally, if prank vandalism happened without a permit, the pranksters would be punished like regular.

schematics, May 03 2004

Play pranks online http://www.strangereports.com/
Got my sister with the Police Warrants prank [Klaatu, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]


       I would, but I'm not an extreme sporter or a criminal mastermind. This way is easier for pranksters, because they don't have to worry about getting caught. plus, it'll create many new government jobs. I think that's a good thing
schematics, May 03 2004

       How about releasing the prankee's information for future retaliation, keeping the whole "balance" thing.
swimr, May 03 2004

       ooh, yeah. good one.
schematics, May 03 2004

       Rather than an opt-out model, how about an opt-in system. In order to obtain any useful information from the library of pranks available, you fill in a form which opts you in to being on the receiving end of anything contained within.   

       This way, people who want to prank have a ready list of people who will get similar enjoyment out of it and will join in the game. It also means that people who would rather go about their business don't have to register to protect themselves.
reap, May 04 2004

       sure.. u are literally here twisting my arm untill i vote for u.. but it sounds interesting. just don't play any pranks on me plz. i don't apreciate it. but if u do- u know there's always revenge, and i think that ure sisters would help me on that. and no--- i'm too busy to register my cat right now. i'm very busy and important thankyou!
nine_stories, May 04 2004


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