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Prank Prank Gum

Reversing the old trick.
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Most of us probably know the gag where an electric device is shaped as a pack of gum with one pice sticking out, when the gum is offered and someone tries to pull it out, it delivers an electric shock to their expectant fingers. This time, the trick is played on the other party.

Prank Prank gum is shaped and decorated exactly the same as the standard prank gum, but, when the fake piece is pulled, the shock is delivered to the hand that is holding the back end of the pack, where the supposed puller of the prank is.

This probably wouldn't be as useable on a large audience, but would be more creative. Perhaps it would be a stonger shock.

Here's how i picture it being used, you find someone who often uses a prank gum pack, sneak into their backpack/desk/pocket and replace the trusty gag with your own reversed weapon, then go up to the person and innocently ask if they have any gum.

jellyfisherman, Dec 10 2008


       Are the people identifiable as often using a prank gum pack? Because the natural response of such a person would be prank prank prank gum.
bungston, Dec 10 2008

Texticle, Dec 10 2008

       The pack should have a hidden switch. The prankster zaps a victim, then offers to let the victim find someone else to prank. The original prankster then changes the mode on the pack, causing his victim to get zapped a second time.
phoenix, Dec 10 2008

       Perhaps this works with prank cigarettes and prank prank cigarettes too. It's easier to outrun a smoker than it is to outrun a gum-smacker.
quantum_flux, Dec 10 2008

       I thought this was going to be a fake prank gum sleeve to slide over your real gum to keep people from swiping it from your desk.   

       I like this better.   


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