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Pre-Emptive brake lights

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The rate at which the accelerator pedal is released differs between braking, lifting off to change gear, and lifting off for emergency braking.

I suggest that the lift off when I'm about to run into the back of another car is detectably quicker.

This can be detected and switch on the brake lights fractionally earlier thus giving the guy behind you an earlier early warning. (100ms at 60mph is 2.68metres)

The system could be semi-intelligent, i.e. detecting a driver's particular habits and trending these to re-calibrate.

paraffin power, Nov 10 2004

Quick brake. http://www.siliconc...100992/article.html
Ta da. [bristolz, Nov 10 2004]


       "The rate at which the accelerator pedal is released differs between braking, lifting off to change gear, and lifting off for emergency braking."   

       Hmmm... not so sure about this, but since I've got no great objection to my breaklights very briefly flaring when I'm changing gear, [+].
st3f, Nov 10 2004

       I hear what you're saying [stf3], but when changing gear, I only partially lift.
paraffin power, Nov 10 2004

       Daimler-Chrysler's Pre-Safe system is similar to this, and also pre-tensions the seat belts, closes the sun-roof, and positions the seats so as to optimize the air-bags.
angel, Nov 10 2004

       I suppose you could have a detector on the gear stick that senses that you have your hand on it or near it . The combination of sensor,release of accel pedel and pressing clutch does not trigger lights but other combinations that indicate your likely to brake do.
farker, Nov 10 2004

       Parrafin, you actually let up on the gas when shifting? I just keep it floored, pull on the shifter and mash the clutch...it doesn't sound too good, but I'm told it gets me an extra .001 in the 1/4. (just kidding...I'd like to keep all the pieces inside the case)   

       Depending on traffic conditions, I sometimes lift partially, sometimes completely. Sometimes quick, sometimes slow.   

       Sorry, I don't see this working.
Freefall, Nov 10 2004

       This would ruin the fun I get out of shifting from fourth to second when someone is riding my ass.
contracts, Nov 10 2004

       A simple single axis accelerometer could do all this for you.
bristolz, Nov 10 2004

       Thanks for the link [bristolz]. I suppose the main down side is it's less likely to be shunted from behind, so less chance to feign whiplash and get a massive payout.
paraffin power, Nov 11 2004

       [contracts] you find it more fun not to brake? I tend to hit the brakes hard, then downshift and floor it.
david_scothern, Nov 11 2004


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