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"I'm going as fast as I can" light

A relief for the car driving behind you
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A rear light that indicates that, despite the fact that the car is on a steep incline, the accelerator is fully depressed hence the car is going as fast as it can.
DRstrathmore, Sep 08 2003


       Probably won't do much to deter tailgaters, who belong in the lowest bowels of hell. I'd rather go for something like a big 'back off, retard!' or 'guess what? I'm going as SLOOOOOOWWWWW as I cannnnnnnnn' LED display.
Pseudonym #3, Sep 08 2003

       The light could be shaped like the back of a '63 VW microbus. That should explain the situation pretty well.   

       I'd also like an "I'm going as fast as the car in front of me and just because I'm following at a safe distance doesn't mean I wouldn't go faster if I could" light.
oxen crossing, Sep 08 2003

       How about one of those red LED array signs that scrolls the messages in store windows and whatnot. You mount this in the rear window, and it has a voice-recognition input system in the steering wheel so you can update the message at drive-time without being dangerous.
DeathNinja, Sep 08 2003

       What about a "I'm Not Going To Exceed The Speed Limit And Potentially Increase the Magnitude of My Injuries In the Event of an Accident Just Because You Want to Get Where You're Going Two Minutes Earlier You Dim Bastard" light? And an "Especially Not On This One Lane Country Road" auxilliary light?   

       I agree with [P#3] - it wouldn't really achieve much.
Detly, Sep 08 2003

       I really thought this was going to be an excuse for light not going faster than the speed of light.
pluterday, Sep 08 2003

       Is that like a firetruck not always going the speed of a firetruck?
DeathNinja, Sep 08 2003

       You can train yourself to ignore the tailgaters. This will make your life far less stressful. An LED with a variety of messages could be both informative and fun. < If you can read this BACK OFF!! > < I'm busy with your wife. > < Honk to congratulate me on my perfect score at the rifle range. > < Don't just sit there looking stupid, try to pass and be stupid. >
LabRat, Sep 08 2003

       My cousin could use one of these. His 1960 VW bug can't go faster than 50km/h.
Pericles, Sep 09 2003

       Handwritten note in rear window - "Maintain spacing - things fall off". The car's appearance makes it believable.
lurch, Sep 09 2003

       "I really thought this was going to be an excuse for light not going faster than the speed of light."
There is no excuse for not going faster than the speed of light.
phoenix, Sep 09 2003

       I'd like a simple sign that says, "Sorry, I'm foreign" to be given out at all ports and border crossings for drivers entering countries other than that of their birth (does that make sense?). Then everyone else can just think "Ha, foreigners" and shake their heads with a wry smile at dithering or slow drivers instead of getting wound up.
squeak, Sep 09 2003

       Hey squeak...Would that foreigner thing work for Alabamians?
tatju, Sep 09 2003

       "Sorry, I'm inbred, I do decla'uh"
squeak, Sep 09 2003

       Before you develop road rage over the car in front of you that insists on driving the posted speed limit, first be sure your own car cannot be mistaken for an unmarked police car from the other car's rearview mirror.
beauxeault, Sep 09 2003

       [beau] I think you need to remove the siren and blue flashing lights from your car...
silverstormer, Sep 09 2003

       Sign could also be used in conjunction with smoke screens and oil slicks.
jrzx15, Sep 09 2003

       Can I get a hat for work that does the same?
Zimmy, Sep 10 2003

       silver...doh! (actually, I think you'll note that I did specify "unmarked.")
beauxeault, Sep 10 2003

       this is baked (in Europe it is). But instead of a light it is a bumper sticker, but the idea is the same. A varation is a bumper sticker with a very small font size and it says: "if you can read this, you are driving too close"
Valkyrie, Sep 10 2003

       I think it would be reasonable to have a bumper sticker that says “This vehicle does not exceed the speed limit,” similar to signs indicating that a vehicle stops at railroad crossings. It might remind potential road ragers that you have a reason for driving the speed that you drive, and that you are not just being a jerk.
AO, Sep 10 2003

       Personally, IMHO, if you or your vehicle is incapable of driving the speed limit you are a danger to the road. Road ragers are not always the source of the problem but a response albeit not the most mature response. BUt I have my own solutions to the problem at hand. First, the slow moving vehicle could be equipped with a windshield washer sprayer directed so as to appear to be emanating a fluid of some sort from the engine directly onto the tailgaters windsheild, eventually the tailgater will realise he should back off to avoid the spray. Or, install over head ramps so faster cars can drive over you if around isn't possible. Oh by the way death ninja, I am a volunteer firefighter and our fire truck always travels at the speed of a fire truck, if we can get it started that is. Despite all the flashing lights that people just ignore or get completely mesmerized by and forget that they are even driving a car, we, in fact, are the ones people are waiting behind ironically enough because our truck has seen better days. And to dispel a myth, high speed doesn't kill, it's the instant deceleration resulting from hitting the slow people that hurts.
mooka, Sep 10 2003

       my car woud start lighting up like a christmas tree at about 75 mph
dickity, Sep 10 2003

       [dickity] has no-one told you those baubles and that tinsel will slow you down?
silverstormer, Sep 10 2003

       //: [dickity] has no-one told you those baubles and that tinsel will slow you down ://   

       the hell, I was told I'd get another 20 horse power!!
dickity, Sep 10 2003

       I've alway harboured an idea to attach a spray can of WD 40 that can be released backward into your cars slipstream and put a nice oily film over the car behind - would probably be almost invisible too. Only the fact that the moron would probably not slow down and go careering into a bus-queue full of Nuns had prevented me so far. As far as the light goes, a nice idea, maybe something you can get from the innovations catalogue for you favorite granny or aunt. - A Crusty one for you.
p1stonbroke, Jan 01 2004


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