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Pre-Olympics Geek Contest

Tougher than it sounds
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Prior to any Olympic Games, Summer or Winter, a great deal of IT work is required.

Why not make it a part of the Games ?

Events would include "How many Cat5/Cat6 cables can you correctly terminate in the shortest time", "Attaching all the cabling to the back of a pc from the front, working blind inside a cabinet", "Carrying hardware up six flights of stairs", and "Sucessfully installing Windows 7"*.

*(Specifically chosen to sort the amateurs from the professionals - professionals won't bother to even try).

8th of 7, Feb 09 2011


       "What's a geek urn?"
"About 7.50 an hour."
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 09 2011

       soon followed by the even more exciting "mass emergency replacement rollout", "network rewiring", "motherboard replacement", "database unscrambling", and the always popular "sacking of the management"
Voice, Feb 10 2011

       [+] There should be a marathon-equivalent: something involving 20+ hours of work uninterrupted by sleep, the contestants allowed no sustenance save junk food and caffeinated beverages. And the sprint-equivalent would be code-sprints, of course.
mouseposture, Feb 10 2011

       Of course, someone would then try to recreate the Ancient Geek Olympics - find the density of the "gold" crown, estimate the mass of hammers from their pitch ratios, etc.
spidermother, Feb 10 2011

       I think in homage to the original Olympics, the Geek Olympics should be performed in the nude.
hippo, Feb 10 2011

       //Tougher than it sounds//

Indeed! I've heard some particularly amusing tales about the occasionally farcical race to install the comms infrastructure in time for the 2012 Olympics.
DrBob, Feb 10 2011

       //the Geek Olympics should be performed in the nude//   

       "That's a novel place to put an antistatic-strap"
FlyingToaster, Feb 10 2011

       [+]...can you execute an infinite loop?
xandram, Feb 10 2011


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