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Pre-Pressed, Party Tabletop

only one dish to wash or waste
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Kiddy parties are usually messy with spilled glasses and spattered food. Instead of wasting time with tablecloths, placemats, glasses and plates, paper or not, use the one-piece, party tabletop. Instead of dishes, it has large dimples in the raised, plastic surface, and instead of glasses, there are cylindrical hollows.

The top can stand on a table or directly on the floor on its 4 inch (1 dm) skirt sides and the “glass” bottoms. There is also a common filling point and canals pressed into the top, leading to the “glasses”, for easy filling of refreshments to be enjoyed with straws.

Cleaning is easy. A quick wash and rinse in the shower or on the driveway does the trick. If the party was a picnic in the grass, just hose down the tabletop and guests when they’re finished.

A wide range of sizes, place settings and party motifs are available. Customers with storage problems will be interested in the coated cardboard (think milk carton) table top that can be recycled again and again.

FarmerJohn, Sep 26 2003


       I don’t understand why this is just for kids’ parties.
AO, Sep 26 2003

       Love it. Make a disposable thin plastic cover as well (like paint roller tray liners).
Worldgineer, Sep 26 2003

       Better make those straw instructions clearer - I've got ten angry mothers after me just because I proposed a toast for my niece's birthday...
yamahito, Sep 26 2003

       we have prison type plates in my school - not so table-wide-design as this though - ours are individual plates.
po, Sep 26 2003


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