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ratcheting car door

strong door
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Cars are getting smaller, and harder for older folks to get out of.

I would like to see a car door with a ratcheting mechanism in the door that would allow the door to be opened, but not closed. Then you could pull yourself out of the car by the door frame.

Then you could hit the button that releases the mechanism, allowing you to close the door.

The car could have two handles, one for regular door, and one for RatchetDoor. And you could put a bunch of handles on the inside of the door.

Also there needs to be an electric wheelchair with hub motors that will fold like a manual wheelchair, so that it's all skinny. Then you could pull out the back seat and keep it back there.

nomocrow, Oct 29 2007

Heavier Cars http://autosafety.o...php?scid=77&did=910
Cars are getting heavier, and larger in general. [Noexit, Oct 30 2007]


       I am a genius...   

       I think I've even thought of a wheelchair like that before... I'm pretty sure I did.   

       You should post the wheelchair as it's own idea (before I claim it.).
BJS, Oct 29 2007

       One thing, though. Cars aren't getting smaller, they're getting bigger. They're also getting denser, i.e. they are getting heavier for their size. There is nothing remarkable these days about a hatchback runabout the size of a '70's Mercedes and which weighs as much as a '58 Buick. Go and look at the specifications. How can they call anything that weighs 1200kg a Mini?   

       But: doors are getting thicker. There is a zone between the outer and inner surfaces of a car, which is not freely accessible to its ostensible owner, and where electric motors make their homes in nests of wiring. Safety considerations have moreover apparently required the incorporation of bulky concrete girders in the vehicle structure. As a consequence there is hardly any room left over for door openings.
Ned_Ludd, Oct 30 2007

       The ratchet could store energy which when released gives the engine a kick start so you can get away faster 'at the lights'.
vincevincevince, Oct 30 2007

       Cars are getting bigger, but people are getting bigger faster.
ldischler, Oct 30 2007

       //You should post the wheelchair as it's own idea (before I claim it.)//   

       You post, I'll anno.
nomocrow, Oct 30 2007

       //where electric motors make their homes in nests of wiring// Awwww, cyuuute
BunsenHoneydew, Oct 30 2007


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