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Pre pay Bar

Drink as much as your wallet will let you
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Why not take the concept of paying for your drinks and collecting them yourself like you do in say Burger King. You could pre buy as many beers as you like, or pre buy several rounds ( if you really wanted to impress/buy your friends ) Of course this would have to be a cleverly controled system-Maybe the punter is issued with PIN or ticket with mag strip, and when he/she gets the beers in from the vending machine the PIN or ticket has to be entered and the account is debited as the night goes on. This system would have added benefits; no queing at the bar and it would be like helping yourself at home hence creating a relaxed atmosphere.
CustardCurtains, Aug 31 2001

Beer Machine http://www.halfbake...idea/beer_20machine
Some of the rammifications of taking the bartender out of the beer-dispensing equation already hashed-out... [MrWrong, Aug 31 2001, last modified Oct 17 2004]


       A pre-pay bra - what a brilliant idea!
hippo, Aug 31 2001

       Or just add it to your taxes at the end of the year!!!
jutta, Aug 31 2001

       I suggest the machine take special tokens, like an arcade. 1 token= 1 volume of beer.
Onalee, Aug 31 2001

       Build a breathalyzer into the device that won't accept the card if you're already lit. Oh, and make sure the card (or whatnot) is standardized to one could use it in _any_ bar...
phoenix, Aug 31 2001

       Three exclamation points. That's it, Jutta, you're cut off. No more beer for you until you get that out of your system.   

StarChaser, Sep 01 2001

       You don't get out much do you CustardCurtains? This is as baked as baked can be. Just go into your local pub. You can put money over the bar in advance or, if your a trusted regular, just stick it all on your tab & settle up at the end of the week. There are also plenty of places that serve beer up in big jugs so you can get plenty of ale in in advance.
DrBob, Sep 01 2001

       Online bar tab...pay monthly, yearly, go to bar and drink or prepay!
obesemind, Aug 05 2005

       Putting the BAR code or pin number on the beer mug would lead to fights, thefts of mugs, buying beers without mugs to put them in, and real sadness when your mug slides off the table and crashes to bits.   

       How would you tip?
popbottle, Jan 24 2016


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