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Salting Brush

grind salt and brush over icy pavements
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The UK is frozen and we need all the help we can get. Salting Brush comes to the rescue of all those attempting to clear snow and ice.

It's a simple device, consisting of a standard long shafted sweeping brush, but with a few alterations and extra features, the main one being that it delivers a constant stream of rock salt and grit, controlled by the sweeping action. The bristles themselves are made of an extra stiff material like stainless steel.

Let's start with the salt/grit mix. This is stored in a back-back (along with the batteries) and fed via a tube down the brush shaft, assisted by a rotating internal auger.

The mix is delivered to the brush head where it is gently heated before emerging along a series of holes. The holes themselves remain closed until the brush is pushed forward, causing the bristles to flex. Each bristle clump is attached to a simple sliding release mechanism, meaning that vigorous brushing opens the holes and releases a steady stream of salt and grit unto the area being brushed. The flexing action also controls the on/off/speed of the auger.

When the brush is at rest the holes close over and the auger switches off. The heat remains to ensure that no clumping or clogging can occur.

Inevitable de-lux version features two small head-lamps and a rotating orange light.

xenzag, Dec 03 2010


       Could I replace the salt with Lemon Pepper and use it to brush my chicken breasts?
Yokel, Dec 03 2010

       How much salt are you hoping to get in this backpack? What is the power supply?
Mony a Mickle, Dec 03 2010

       I do find it disheartening that local councils in the UK aim to prevent any ice at all forming on roads, but do nothing at all for the pavements. Many are now completely slick with ice. Seen several people on crutches in the last week.   

       Regarding the invention, I wouldn't bother trying to warm the stuff as it comes out with batteries. Too much extra weight for a relatively minor improvement. You could either burn a liquid (or gaseous) fuel, or carry more rocksalt in the pack (and potentially, preheat it before use).
Loris, Dec 03 2010

       Fortunately, global warming should solve this problem soon enough.   

       Oh, wait. It's now "climate change", so all bets are off.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 03 2010

       Stainless steel is susceptible to Chloridic corrosion from salt; an industrial polymer would be better.   

       No bun as uses boring old rock salt instead of Thermite or Napalm.
8th of 7, Dec 03 2010

       [Max], it's true this invention will someday be obsolete, but perhaps it can be adapted to use some explosive substance as a weapon against the vicious squid lurking in the submurged streets of London.   

gisho, Dec 03 2010

       NOW you're talking ...
8th of 7, Dec 03 2010

       I have developed a grit-distributing brush device very much like this, except instead of the salt it leaves dog hair, and instead of batteries or a reservoir one simply starts brushing in an area of floor already well supplied with grit and hair. And dried up food.
bungston, Dec 03 2010


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