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Premodernist cereal

Echo, obviously.
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nineteenthly, May 28 2012

Grains http://upload.wikim...volde_02_dinkel.jpg
These [nineteenthly, May 28 2012]

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       Not enough granularity.
UnaBubba, May 28 2012

       Flour then.
nineteenthly, May 29 2012

UnaBubba, May 29 2012

       Graaains... Graaaaaaaaaains...
ytk, May 29 2012

UnaBubba, May 29 2012

nineteenthly, May 29 2012

UnaBubba, May 29 2012

       It all depends on what you decide is "modern".   

       Prehistoric cereal might consist of coarsely ground seed kernels.   

       Pre-Raphaelite cereal would break from classical serving suggestions.   

       Futurist cereal would have a big cubist picture of the common man (or woman) triumphantly lifting their bowl infront of a stylised dawn of a new age - stickers found inside the box might feature bold geometric iconry. Like a big Nazi version of the Quaker-Oats Scotsman.   

       Brit-Art cereal would come in an inside-out cereal box, filled with concrete, sectioned to expose a rotting lamb, sawn in half, covered in bees.
zen_tom, May 29 2012

       On a bed soaked in piss and littered with used syringes and condoms?
UnaBubba, May 29 2012

       Also thinking of prehistoric cereal in various degrees, e.g. spores because seed plants have yet to evolve.
nineteenthly, May 29 2012

       So had grass... which kinda rules out cereal.
UnaBubba, May 29 2012

       Ah, but what's ancestral to it? Maybe sedges? And then back through basal angiosperms to spore-bearing plants. Eventually you'd just be drinking primordial soup.
nineteenthly, May 29 2012

       Even farther back and you'll be eating STARS. That'd be sweet...
Phaideaux, May 29 2012

       Quagma it is then.
nineteenthly, May 29 2012

       //Like a big Nazi version of the Quaker-Oats Scotsman//   

RayfordSteele, May 29 2012


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