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Prescription windshield

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I think it would be a good idea to have your car outfitted with the same prescription windshields and side windows as your eyeglasses. I also believe that insurance companies would agree with this idea and offer discounts to those with prescription windshields. Also, this would cut down on auto thefts and keep your friends from wanting to borrow your car.
lararox, Nov 26 2001

Flat lenses http://www.3m.com/i...rchive/full_02.html
[andrewm, Oct 04 2004]


       Teenage male Tomb Raider fan?
phoenix, Nov 26 2001

       Sure. But depending on your prescription, your head would appear, to someone looking back at you in their rear-view mirror, as either extremely large, or, more commonly with the concave lens for myopia, unnaturally small. Therefore, the admonition on the viewer's rear-view mirror that, "Objects In Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear", would be even more confusing. And in your case, the adhesive tape you would eventually place onto your windshield to keep it in place would thereby mark you as having a deficit of social currency.
entremanure, Nov 27 2001

       phoenix, good catch. I never would have noticed that.
bristolz, Nov 27 2001

       I have a moral obligation to do at least one clever thing a day and [waugsqueke] beat me to the link.
phoenix, Nov 27 2001

       I don’t think this would be useful for those of us who have completely different prescriptions in each eye.
Isis, Jan 02 2003

       I would be great when coming back from parking your car in the sun to find great burn-holes through the upholstry.   

       Hence the need for Asbestos car interiors.
Custardguts, Mar 04 2013

FlyingToaster, Mar 05 2013

       This is a trilobite.
nineteenthly, Mar 05 2013

       As an undergrad, I used to live with a guy, he had a girlfriend, we managed to convince her that prescription windscreens existed. Her best questions were: "what about the mirrors?" to which we replied "the side glass and rear screen are prescription, the mirrors aren't" then she asked "so what if they roll down the window?"
bs0u0155, Mar 05 2013

       There could be a system which alters the shapes of the mirrors while the windows are being moved down so that it looks the same to the driver. A Fresnel lens could unroll in sync with the window.   

       Also, i envisage, for some reason, a trilobite wraparound compound eye made of calcite as a windscreen.
nineteenthly, Mar 05 2013

       For reasons others have mentioned here, a prescription windshield would be infeasible to manufacture. Perhaps a pinhole windshield might work, though?
ytk, Mar 07 2013


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