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Press-on graffiti art

Take your time!
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Graffiti artists! Taggers! Is the fear of arrest crimping your artistic style? BUNGCO cannot abide crimped style. We have a solution.

Compose your graffiti art at your own pace and in your own space, using our special spray paints (available in 128 colors!) and clear backing. After you have finished, place another clear layer atop your creation, roll it up and go.

After you have arrived at your desired art forum, unroll your art and affix it to the wall. Quickly, spray it with our fixative, which will melt the whole sandwich onto the substrate. Then depart! A job which would have taken a half hour is now the work of 45 seconds - or less. BUNGCO predicts a graffiti art renaissance, as artists are freed from the constraints of speed and can concentrate on substance.

bungston, Sep 11 2006

Stencilled Graffiti http://africanprinc...photo.php?photo=733
[DrCurry, Sep 11 2006]


       But BUNGCO, I ask, will this work on non-smooth surfaces like brick or pitted and corroded asphalt or cement such as that found under bridges and alleyways? People like me need to know!
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Sep 11 2006

       I enjoy good graffiti. It usually has a message and is asthetically pleasing. Allowing activists and street artists more time to better perfect their art would be wonderful.
baslisks, Sep 11 2006

       Apart from the very few (ie Keith Haring) I find most graffiti to be dull and repetitive, but I like this idea.   

       Having pre-printed and affixed some sabotaging signs to property developers advertising boards, in the past, I can appreciate the advantages of the melting sandwich. I'm ordering up ! +
xenzag, Sep 11 2006

       Sorry to cramp your creative style but I'm afraid that press-on graffiti is, ah, Baked, Widely so in NYC. No fussing about without magic fixatives, a great many graffiti artists here simply paste up their works on the walls (or in some case apply stickers). I have photos, though not handy.   

       Others use stencils, retaining the special magic of spray painting, I guess.
DrCurry, Sep 11 2006

       Better cramped than crimped. But [Curry], if this art is just taped up, cannot someone just untape and throw it away?
bungston, Sep 11 2006

       Pasted, not taped. Nothing to stop later persons pasting something else over it, but then sprayed-on graffiti suffers likewise from post hoc competition.
DrCurry, Sep 11 2006

       Since graffitti is done neither for monetary gain, n or public approval, it must be the purest form of art... (Discuss)
Argentaffin, Sep 12 2006

       //(Discuss)//how many marks depend on this question?
po, Sep 12 2006


       Sticker graffiti is already very popular because of how fast you can put it up.
moore850, Sep 17 2006

       some guys at graffiti research labs came up with something like this, but theirs use conductive paint and leds as well.
tcarson, Sep 17 2006

       It occurred to me that one could use a plastic film and a spraycan full of a substance that dissolved the film. One could then spraypaint an original work of graffiti onto the film, then send out one's interns and artistic disciples to use the original work as a template for many reproductions.
bungston, Oct 10 2007


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