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Pressure Capper

A way of keeping your soda pressurized
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I saw one device that had the pump incorperated as the cap for the soda bottle. I hated it.

First it was too big and secondly you needed as many of them as you had soda bottles that you needed repressurizing.

The idea I propose is a motorized pump that fits over the bottle and stops pressurizing when the pressure gets to 30psi. Then it twists the cap (that you fed into the device earlier) onto the newly pressurized bottle.

In some way this idea is baked in factories but not for a smaller home use scale. An example of this would be building this feature into the refrigerator door on the outside.

sartep, Jun 12 2003


       No, that's too complicated. You want a valve in the cap like a reverse Vacu-vin.
FloridaManatee, Jun 12 2003

       Valve as a cap or in the cap? Hmm that is good. But it would be even one more thing to buy.
sartep, Jun 12 2003


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