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Minerals on tap

mineral infuser unit for your kitchen
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Why pay for high priced quality mineral water when you can get something that prob does the same thing for about the same cost.

There are lots of sources of minerals, dead coral for one. There is lots of that. Tho it won't supply the more interesting ingrediants like benzene or gases

lostmind, Jun 22 2007

http://www.finewaters.com http://www.finewaters.com/default.asp
Answering questions about mineral water - and yes, it's just another term for hard-water, bane of kettles. [zen_tom, Jun 22 2007]


       Hard water areas already have mineral salts in them - but are considered annoying since they tend to accumulate on the inside of our kettles.   

       I'd be interested to learn what minerals are found in mineral water, and how these compare to your average hard-water area.
zen_tom, Jun 22 2007

       Just drop a pebble in your glass. Or a half teaspoonful of garden soil.
Galbinus_Caeli, Jun 22 2007

       I can't believe I've just spent 20 minutes reading about different types of bottled water. I really don't have much work to do today...
theleopard, Jun 22 2007

       //I'd be interested to learn what minerals are found in mineral water// The composition should be on the label.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 22 2007


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