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Pressure Controlled Case

Control the air pressure to keep a safe system
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I just thought it would be a decent way or control the temperature of the computer. Possibly you could even run it inside a vacuum. I'm even planning on building a prototype our of plexiglass.
ironfroggy, Oct 07 2001


       Even with a vacuum you have to dispate heat. In fact, it's easier with air, and gets easier when you use compressable materials like water or refrigerant.   

       You could mount the CPU to the case and then turn the case into a giant heatsink, but I don't think plexiglass would work well for this.
phoenix, Oct 07 2001

       Er, phoenix, water is for most practical purposes incompressible, unlike air. Water is useful for cooling not because of its (in)compressibility but because it has a high heat capacity per volume and it's not too viscous. (Refrigerants --- if by that you mean the stuff they use in heat pumps like refrigerators and air conditioners --- are usually fluids with a gas-liquid transition at a convenient temperature+pressure.)   

       Instead of a vacuum, why not fill the case with some noncorrosive, insulating liquid with good heat transfer properties? Like polychlorinated biphenyls, maybe? Pity they're so toxic.
wiml, Oct 07 2001


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