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separated PC

noisy bits over ther, quiet bits here PC
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we all know, that apart from the huge passive cooling / scary water cooled stuff, that all pc's will require some form of air movement / cooling. the problem is - this is noisy. To make it quiet is expensive. So I propose to separate the noisy bits (to be hidden in a convenient cupboard somewhere) and have the quiet bits / access bits in another - a two box computer. box 1) CPU (+mobo), PSU, graphics and any other fans box 2) DVD / CD drives, ports etc + any bits the user needs to get to reguarly

and a long SINGLE cable between the two

guydewdney, Apr 04 2004


       or possibly wireless...?
simonj, Apr 04 2004

       But that's just KVM/RDP and not the disaggregated computing proposed.
bristolz, Apr 04 2004

       Good point. But you can do that too, even if it's different technology.
DrCurry, Apr 04 2004

       Oh I see, one must annotate and then the vote is counted. Well I like the idea [guy.] however, Our CD burner is the noisiest.
dentworth, Apr 04 2004

       // Oh I see, one must annotate and then the vote is counted. //   

       Um, no.
waugsqueke, Apr 04 2004

       //To make it quiet is expensive//   

       If you're paying someone to build your computer (or building it yourself), do a bit of research and tell them what parts you want substituted - the cost isn't vastly different to the original parts for a decent reduction in noise. :)
Detly, Apr 04 2004

       Disaggregated computing has propogation delay issues that are not addressed by current technology. Especially if the graphics subsystem is split from the CPU, not the case in this posting but I'm just saying . . . .
bristolz, Apr 04 2004

       Just use a KVM Switch(Extension) for Monitor, Mouse & Keyboard and a FireWire/USB Hub for the external hard disk, DVD,CD,Printer etc...
Dinnerticketboy, Apr 05 2004

       Already Baked in my house. The PC sits in a cold cupboard next door with 3 cables to my desk, RGB for screen, SCSI for the DVD drive and USB for everything else. The last bit I am working on is a long extention for the on/off and reset switches so I can power it on off remotely. The noise is all now from the DVD drive when it runs a data cd up to full speed (although it is near silent when playing films/music disks) I had already tried the quietpc route, but found no way to really make the hard disks quiet enough (it had 3 10K disks)
bavvo, Apr 05 2004


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