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Pretzel Tank

Place it on a large pine table
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A large glass tubular pretzel shaped aquarium with a large tinted globe within the middle where the intersections meet.

The aquarium is wide and deep, with magnified intersections with various increases of airflow.

The fish or other aquatic animals swim generally within one direction.As they move through the intersections their appearance is magnified giving you the enlarged exaggerated view of the fish or other aquatic pets as they slip around the junctions.

This is also helped via various air flows being introduced via a air pump connected to various tubes which pump oxygen into the aquarium through the glass bottom.

Various increases of oxygen flow at certain junctions which create gentle flowing currents providing a smooth onward movement for the aquatic pets as they swim around.

As they enter the globe within the middle of the glass pretzel, tinted coloured glass reveals exaggerated colours and lighting effects.

skinflaps, Jul 14 2004


       I envisage both salt and freshwater aquariums for large and small fish alike.
skinflaps, Jul 14 2004

       mmmm--saltwater pretzels.
yabba do yabba dabba, Jul 14 2004

       Nice. But wouldn't the conjoining surfaces at the intersections fold back on themselves and produce a sort of Klein Aquarium? Messy.
egbert, Jul 14 2004

       Maybe egbert, however i'm sure there would be a solution.
skinflaps, Jul 14 2004

       These fish are making me thirsty!
k_sra, Jul 14 2004

       I can't see what eggy's prob's are - this is nice!
po, Jul 14 2004

       Fish, ales few after and, bliss ?
skinflaps, Jul 15 2004


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