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Sonar Controlled Aquarium Toys

Submarines, Submerged Cars, Opening Treasure boxes and blinking LEDs
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All controlled with a sonar unit.

For an extra dollar you also get a sonar-to-audio unit, so that you can hear the real fish response to your signal.

[edited: this product is fish friendly. See annotations]

pashute, Mar 16 2011


       + can you teach the fish to activate it?
xandram, Mar 16 2011

       Its probably similar to understanding birds. Can you talk to birds? Konrad Lorentz did. (One Jackdaw even recognized him after years, in the city, descended from its group and called him to join them)   

       Hugh Lofting documented Dr. Dolittle saying that it takes a lot of patience, but in the end you can understand almost any animal.
pashute, Mar 17 2011

       I don't think fish would appreciate this. They're quite sensitive to pressure waves, hence why you shouldn't tap on the glass.
Aq_Bi, Mar 19 2011

       The fish would appreciate this by dying.
Zimmy, Mar 22 2011

       Some research would be needed (a good project for a post doc in marine bio) so that it would be fish friendly. The signal does not have to be that powerful, and can be at levels that the fish produce themselves.
pashute, Mar 22 2011


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